Where To Go In Pagudpud: Agua Grande and Paraiso ni Anton

After a quick stop at Patapat Viaduct, we went back to the road to head to our next destination. There were a couple of road constructions which we had gotten used to after staying in Ilocos for three days. Agua Grande and Paraiso ni Anton are just two of the many tourist attractions in Pagudpud. I decided to combine the two in just one post since they are relatively close to each other, and we didn’t stay long enough in both places.

Agua Grande River Park requires tourists to pay a PHP20 entrance fee. Kuya Lenzer asked us if we wanted to go down and check out the river park. But according to him, we could actually see everything from the highway. Tourists who wanted to rest and eat usually stay in the park’s picnic huts. Also according to Kuya Lenzer, people who opted not to go to the Kabigan Falls and endure the hour-long trekking usually go to Agua Grande to enjoy the water. Since Kuya Lenzer has a point, we just enjoyed Agua Grande from a distance. Palusot ng mga kurips! :p

After taking a few shots of Agua Grande, Kuya Lenzer brought us to Paraiso ni Anton. He teasingly told us, “Ayan po. Tubig na naman!”

Although some claim that the water is not potable, I read online that the water flowing through Paraiso ni Anton is miraculous. I didn’t bother to know whether the water can heal or not. My only concern at that time was who Anton is, so I asked Kuya Lenzer. I was expecting him to say that Anton is a mythical creature or the star of a century-old legend. I scratched my head when I found out who Anton was.

The place was actually named after Antonio Raquiza, the Secretary of Public Works during the earlier part of the Marcos regime. Apparently, it was the secretary’s favorite spot to relax and unwind while he stays in a nearby place which is now an abandoned building.

Across the street, there are a number of stalls selling souvenir items, but Kuya Lenzer discouraged us to buy because their items are pricey. Ang kurips din ni Kuya, kaya nagkasundo kami! =))

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