Where To Go In Ilocos Norte: Sand Dunes

Me talking to Myself: Ano kayang makikita sa Sand Dunes?
Me talking back: Hindi ko rin alam e.

Fortunately, I was smart enough not to have this conversation be heard by anybody. What kind of person with a sound mind will ask what can be found in sand dunes? Kung si Vice Ganda ang kausap ko, malamang ang isagot nya, “Pating, Je! Maraming pating sa Sand Dunes!”

Kuya Lenzer asked us if we were interested to rent a 4x4 jeep to go around Sand Dunes for PHP2500/hour. Nobody replied although I know that Joie wanted to try it. Boyet spoke on our behalf and told Kuya Lenzer that he’s allergic to sand. Of course he’s not! He’s allergic to the PHP2500 payment! :p

DSC_1148 Ang lalaking allergic daw sa sand!

While Joie was changing her footwear as advised by Kuya Lenzer, Boyet and I went ahead. It was so difficult to go up the mountain of sand. After a couple of minutes, we heard people shouting at us. Apparently, we were on the wrong track! There were also footprints on the track we took so we didn’t know that it was the wrong path. Ang napapala ng mga atat! :))

Joie endlessly talked about sand boarding after seeing it in one of the episodes of Pop Talk. But it was the unfortunate time of the month for both of us so that was also off the list.

It was one scorching afternoon so keeping my balance over the hot sand was extremely difficult. I had sand in my clothes, and my feet are all covered with sand. Good thing though that I didn’t take off my sun glasses to prevent the sand from getting into my eyes. That’s the price we had to pay for not taking the 4x4 jeep option! Haha! But the moment we reached the “top”, the breathtaking view somehow wiped away all the troubles we’ve been through.


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