Where To Go In Ilocos Norte: Malacañang of the North

Kuya Lenzer brought us to Marcos Mausoleum which houses the remains of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside the mausoleum. I was barely two years old when Marcos was ousted from presidency by People Power. The only images I had of the late president are those from old TV footage and how my history teachers depicted his presidency, that’s why seeing him was such a surreal experience. A creepy music is being played inside the mausoleum so the place is not suitable for the weak-hearted.

Near the mausoleum is the Marcos Museum. We were discouraged by Kuya Lenzer since the entrance fee for the museum is PHP50. According to him, Malacañang of the North is better and the PHP20 entrance fee is cheaper. Kuya Lenzer already convinced us the moment we heard of the PHP50 entrance fee! Nasanay kasi kami sa puro donations lang bago makapasok. :p

Malacañang of the North is a two-storey mansion. I believe that this used to be the official residence of the family in Ilocos Norte during the Marcos regime and has been converted into a museum. This mansion speaks of the family’s power and extravagant lifestyle. The place is so big that a cheering squad can hold a practice and do cartwheels without breaking anything.

Visitors are welcomed by the first couple’s portraits hanging on the wall of the mansion’s receiving area. Various photos of the first family are also displayed all over the mansion.

I saw Imelda Marcos a couple of years ago in a hospital. I’m not a fan of the Marcoses, but all my biases disappeared the moment I saw her. Despite of her old age, she is still very beautiful, and she still possesses that unique elegance. Seeing her pictures when she was younger is a confirmation of her timeless beauty.

A grand staircase, majestic chandeliers, huge dining areas, unique pieces of furniture and intricately-designed rooms are proofs of this place’s grandeur. I wonder how it felt for the Marcos children to be surrounded with extreme power and lavish lifestyle at such a young age.

This part of the mansion offers a serene view of the Paoay Lake.

But staying at the veranda on the second floor of the mansion gives a better view of the lake. I actually imagined myself dressed in the most “Imeldific” attire (don’t forget the shoes) and adorned with expensive jewelries as I look into the vast lake. Tapos sabay dialogue ako ng, “Ipinatawag ko kayong lahat, para sabihin na bawal ang tamad sa hacienda ko. Ang mahuling natutulog sa trabaho ay ipapakaladkad sa kabayo ni Mang Kanor!” Sino si Mang Kanor? Ewan ko! Hahaha!

DSC_1190Paoay Lake

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  1. Ang ganda naman ng Paoay Lake, tapos well-manicured pa yung lawn sa Malacañang of the North. Post-card perfect! :)


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