Restaurant Review: Outback Steakhouse

A couple of months ago, Joie and I impulsively purchased a voucher from Deal Grocer. We were supposed to avail it last Saturday but Joie could not access her voucher that day because Deal Grocer’s site was down. The voucher is expiring in a few days and it would be impossible for Boyet and I to avail of the deal other than on a weekend. Despite the gloomy weather, Boyet and I set off to Makati. What’s supposed to be a double date with Jeff and Joie turned into a quiet dinner for two.

I initially called Outback to make a reservation for two. We arrived an hour earlier than our reservation. But since it was a quiet night for Outback, we were immediately ushered to our seats.

I’ve been to Outback a few times before. Fortunately, all my visits are such pleasant experiences. Nothing much has changed with the simple and cozy interior of the restaurant. Aside from the gloomy weather, the dim lights added to the romantic yet laid back ambiance of the place, well at least for that night.

A very accommodating and cheerful waiter approached and asked us if we’re ready to order. While making up our minds on what to get for dinner, the waiter served us a warm loaf of bread. The bread is crunchy outside but very moist and warm inside. With or without the spread that comes with it, the bread with a hint of sweetness was the perfect way to jumpstart our dinner.

DSC_0595 Complimentary Bread

I try to consume as much vegetables as I can. I have a stupid belief that eating fatty foods becomes less deadly when you eat vegetables. The fiber balances out the oil. :p

I got a single serving of Caesar Salad which was immediately served to our table on a cold plate. It was pretty simple with just lettuce, grated cheese and croutons which I initially mistook as chicken. Though it looked plain and boring, I totally forgot its lack of glamour when I tasted it. Some Caesar dressing leaves a very pungent aftertaste but Outback’s is very light and refreshing.

DSC_0598Caesar Salad PHP129

The waiter suggested we try out their Angus steak but hubby and I are not fond of steaks. We cringe at the sight of blood flowing through the meat. And having the steak cooked well-done is not as tasty. Pero ang totoo kasi, Mahalya Fuentes ang steaks nila! :p

Hubby wanted to try their baby back ribs. Fearing that the serving would not be enough for the two of us, he decided to get the Chicken and Ribs Combo instead. The baby back ribs is very tender. We could also see the juices flowing out of the meat. Boyet said that he likes it better than Racks. Well, it’s a tie for me.

DSC_0608Chicken and Ribs Combo PHP999

What stood out for me was the grilled chicken. As misguided as I was with the Caesar salad, I initially saw nothing outstanding with the grilled chicken. Unless it’s Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, chicken breast holds no appeal to me. It’s simply bland. But this one is different. They have managed to keep it juicy and tasty. The smoky flavor is very evident too. And the perfect grilled marks also added to its charm.

Served on the side are some veggies and mashed potatoes. They serve the mashed potatoes the way I like it, leaving bigger chunks of potatoes to munch on. It isn’t serve with any sauce or gravy but a dash of salt made the difference.

Although the price is on the steep side, Outback’s food and service compensate it. The waiter who attended to us was very helpful and patient as we go through the menu countless of times. He even checks us how we’re doing every time he passes by our table. In my many years of dining out, I have to say that he epitomizes the kind of customer service that goes beyond the call of duty.

Outback Steakhouse
Ground Level
Glorietta 4
Makati City

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