A Breeze of Good Deeds # 29: On Younger Brothers

Not being able to write for more than a week feels like forever. I haven’t fully recovered yet from one sickness when I had an asthma attack last Monday. I was supposed to write about my latest (mis)adventures but I’m just too lazy to even transfer my photos from my camera. And since it’s been a while since I last had a post under this category, I might as well write about this story instead.

I am six years older than my brother. According to my parents, the age gap was planned and intentional to avoid sibling rivalry. They also wanted me to be old enough to take care of my younger brother.

Back in the days when he was still in diapers and I didn’t have the slightest idea how to use a comb, we were inseparable. I remember there was a time when I came back from a two-week vacation, he wouldn’t let me bring him down! But of course there were also days when my mother would turn red from anger because my brother and I started throwing things at each other. There was one time when he got a very big bukol because I threw him a hair brush. Bull’s eye! Siyempre, na-sinturon ako ni erpat! But please don’t get the impression that I am the bully in the family because I also got equal shares of batok, konyat and kurot from him. Despite of this, I have always been protective of my brother. I am aware that we have grown apart not only because of our age gap but also the fact that he’s a boy and I’m a girl (although sometimes, it’s vice versa). We’re also complete opposites. He’s an extrovert; I’m shy. He’s a party animal; I’m a home body. He’s musically-inclined; I can’t even sing in the shower without someone pleading me to stop! And the list goes on. But I never stopped being protective of him. There are times when I reprimand and scold him more than my parents do. Madalas, mas mahaba pa akong mag sermon kesa sa mga magulang namin! Hahaha!

DSC_0125 Yes guys, I am six years older than him!

My parents have entrusted me the responsibility and privilege of being the big sister even before my baby brother was born. And until now, my father still constantly reminds me not to abuse this privilege.

The Filipino culture teaches us to be protective of our younger siblings. When the parents are not around, the Ate’s and Kuya’s are automatically assigned to be in control of the house. There are sad yet real stories where the older siblings literally take full responsibility of the younger ones when the parents are incapable of doing the job. So to witness the tables turned is a new sight for me. And yes, it was definitely heartwarming.

Last Sunday, while Joie, Jeff, Boyet and I were still in our pajamas, we went out to attend mass. I’ll post the story why we never even got to brush our teeth and wash our faces before going to church. Anyway, a family was seated in front of us. The parents are probably in their forties. They were with two boys, both are wearing thick eyeglasses. I bet the older brother is around 12. His younger brother is probably 2 or 3 years younger. He’s chubby (very cute too) and was seated in front of me.

During the consecration, I noticed that something was wrong with the older brother. His father asked him to sit down and keep his head bowed. The mother rushed to his side and checked his pulse. I was so tempted to ask them what’s wrong but it looks like they already had everything under control. They knew what to do which gave me the idea that the boy has a certain condition and the whole family is aware of it.

The mother kept on caressing his older son’s back while the father was holding the son’s head, asking him to keep still. But to my surprise, the younger brother took out his handkerchief and started wiping his brother’s face. He wasn’t even asked to do it. The older brother was sweating non-stop so the younger brother continued to wipe his Kuya’s face. I thought I was the only one who noticed it when Boyet whispered to me, “Ang bait nung bata ‘no? Sana kapag nagkaanak tayo, ganyan din sila kabait sa isa’t isa.”

I was mesmerized by that moment. I was stunned with how a small deed made an effect to both of us. So when the mass ended, I said two prayers. First, I prayed for the health of the two brothers, especially the older one. Second, I prayed that Boyet’s wish of having kids who love and adore each other be granted. :)

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  1. OMG! Naiyak ako. Alam mo nmng more than anything in this world, I am an Ate. Waaaahhh... Prayers for the brothers as well. And well, for you too. I know you and Boyet would get ur wish.


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