Monopoly Deal

My husband and I take our marriage VERY seriously. But then again, a little fun definitely spices things up in every relationship. I am continuously amazed at how we managed to make fun out of even the smallest things possible. And now with our latest addiction, the sleeping kids in our hearts have been unleashed.

Jeff introduced us to this game during one of our out-of-town trips. I’ll blog about that soon. Anyway, we refused to play Uno Cards because we were traumatized when the game didn’t end after following Jeff’s own rules. But he didn’t stop convincing us to play. As a matter of fact, he had a backup plan: Monopoly Deal. I eavesdrop as he explains the rules to Joie. Jeff was actually surprised that I didn’t know how the game works. I told him that I was a certified batang kalye so I only knew of patintero, bang-sak, piko, moro-moro, 10-20 and Chinese garter. I teased him that board and card games are only for the sashal kids like him. The only indoor games I know are Scrabble and sungka! Nyahaha!!!

We played Monopoly Deal until 1 in the morning! The following weekend, Boyet went to a bookstore to buy our own.

At first, I was reluctant to play with my husband because I always win. I thought that always winning in Monopoly Deal is not a good reflection of our marriage. Mas magaling talaga ako sa kanya sa pera at mga ari-arian! But now that he has also mastered the game, harmony is back in our married life. Teeehee!!! :p

I encourage couples out there to engage in such activities. First, it’s cheaper than consistently going out on dates. Second, it brings out the child in your respective partners. All relationships need some unwinding once in a while. And lastly, it will be a good bonding activity to teach your kids (future kids in our case). Para naman hindi puro IPAD at PSP ang hawak nila, dabah?! :)


  1. Blog mo naman paano laruin yan, ano kaya mas maganda laruin yung monopoly board game or yang monopoly card game?

  2. Hmmm.. I think bibili ak nito.. kasi ung Monopoly sa iPad laging talo si Abbey.. haha.. :)


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