One Year After

On the night of June 11, 2011, I was trying to get ample sleep inside a G Hotel suite beside my snoring MOH#1 while MOH #2 was busy looking for a corset to conceal her bilbil and look good on her very revealing gown. One year later, I waited for the clock to strike twelve while playing Bumble Shoot on my mobile phone. This time around, I was beside my snoring husband.

On the morning of June 12, 2011, I woke up feeling refreshed while husband-to-be tried so hard to keep awake after staying up until four in the morning just to finish his wedding vows. After a few minutes, the once quiet hotel suite turned into a busy nest as suppliers started to arrive one by one. This morning, I woke up with my husband’s plea for me to go downstairs and have breakfast with him. He told me the night before that he’d buy my favorite McDonald’s Big Breakfast. But I never anticipated that he’d come up with something more. I have long accepted the fact that though I married a faithful guy who truly loves me, that same man is not equipped with the skills to come up with surprises. So when I opened the door and found scattered rose petals on the floor, I couldn’t help but be astounded. Inside, my heart was jumping out of joy. But because sense of humor plays a great role in our relationship, all I could say was:

Je: Yari ka kay Mama! Nagkalat ka!
Boyet: Ako na namulot ng petals para ikalat, ikaw naman ang magwalis mamaya. Pero mamaya na, gutom na ako.

As I walked down the stairs and made my way to the dining table, I felt really amazed at how time flies. It feels like yesterday when I could feel my jaw lock after smiling for hours in front of cameras. I could still remember how giddy I was when I first saw our onsite video and AVP. I could still see the smile on the faces of all our guests as they say their best wishes. But a part of me was already thinking of the best strategy on how to clean the mess my husband made! Haha! =))

I saw a pair of Big Breakfast on the table. I can’t remember the last time we had it. When we were still going out, he used to bring this to me almost every morning. Surprisingly, I never grew tired of it.

It didn’t end with my favorite breakfast. My husband does not regularly give me flowers so seeing a bouquet on the table was a big surprise.

Notice how my husband made sure to have the flowers and the gift wrappers to be in pink and black. Question: What do you call the small flowers with a yellow center? Cuteness overload!

Disclaimer: Hindi po ako mabaho! My husband just knows that I can’t go out of the house without a splash of cologne/perfume. I am actually adventurous in choosing a scent. I use the posh ones but I also don’t mind using inexpensive colognes. J&J, Bench, Nenuco, name it, I’ve tried it. I’ll use it until I get tired of it, then I’ll look for another scent that suits my taste. I’ve never tried Be Seduced by Victoria’s Secret before. And I have no idea why my husband chose it. Nagpapa seduce siguro ang mokong! :p

I already had an idea what was inside the other gift. My husband knows that I love to read. In this day and age of kindle and e-books, I still prefer reading a real book. Nothing beats the scent of a new book. And I will never trade the joyous feeling I have as I flip the pages. It’s just ironic that I used to have all the time in the world to read but I couldn’t afford to buy a book. Now that I can buy, time is just so scarce. I still have three or four unread books; one has been sitting on my shelf for roughly two years already. With the newest addition to my queue, I wish I can get back my groove in reading.

People close to us were surprised when they found out that we didn’t make any plans for our first wedding anniversary. We decided to keep it simple and spend it with my parents who are also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. We had no other choice but to tag along my younger brother. Walang dyowa e! :p

We were actually supposed to go out of town but recent events led us not to pursue it.

First, I’m still a probationary employee in my new company. Though we’re already allowed to use our vacation leaves, I already used up two last February when we went to Singapore. The SG trip was already ironed out prior to my acceptance of the company’s offer. Medyo pasikat pa ako e, kaya wala munang VL. MARIA REGINA CRISTINA JENNY GAIL MANIO PILI ang peg ko! Teeeheee!

Second, we couldn’t find a promo fare with dates that fall on the weekend of our anniversary. Opo. Layas kami ng layas pero lahat ‘yun promo fare! =))

Third, though there are days when I yearn to be on a vacation, I somehow lost the drive to plan for one, maybe because we’ve been to Puerto Princesa, Coron, Bohol and Singapore in a span of one year. When I have free time, I’d rather curl up in my bed than surf for vacation spots. Joie, let’s be officemates again! Pleeeasseeeee! :p

Lastly, I strongly believe that every single day should be a celebration of our love. It should not be confined and limited to anniversaries. Palusot ng mag-asawang kuripot! 

So after our lunch at our house, we went back to San Agustin Church. Unluckily, the church was closed. Bakit wala ng gustong magpakasal ng June 12?! Ang cool kaya! =)) We went to the mall and had a simple and intimate dinner with my parents and brother.

I have to say that our first year has been an emotional roller coaster. You may think that our first year is just a piece of cake just because we’re still in the “honeymoon stage”. But I am a strong believer that marriage is always a work in progress. Looking back, I am surprised to realize that it has already been a year. But a part of me also feels like we’ve already been married for such a long time.

Before we got married, I already knew that our dreams are aligned and though our upbringings are different, our convictions are the same. But even if we spent six years preparing ourselves to deal with our differences, there are still days when we still discover new things about each other. Some are surprisingly good. But some also prove to be a test of each other’s patience.

Some of the plans we made have not yet materialized. But God never fails to surprise us as there are also some unexpected gifts from Him. There are days when I feel frustrated and disappointed with the outcome of some things. We thought that as long as our dreams are fueled with hard work and perseverance, these dreams will turn into reality in an instant. But we sometimes fail to realize that our life is not always aligned with our dreams. But our life is ALWAYS in accordance to God’s will. After all, we’re just on our second year. We have a lifetime to make our dreams come true. We have a lifetime to unravel and savor God’s plans for us. :)


  1. Wow, one year na! Ang bilis! :) Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you!!! Here's to many, many more years of togetherness! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Really cool date of wedding :) a little teary eyed with your hubby's surprise ^^ Nakakatouch talaga 'pag di sila ganon tapos biglang may bonggang effort :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Really cool date of wedding :) a little teary eyed with your hubby's surprise ^^ Nakakatouch talaga 'pag di sila ganon tapos biglang may bonggang effort :)

  4. Very well said, Jerrelt! Im so happy to both of you kahit di ko pa kayo nakikilala. Kinilig ako sa kwento mo! . Happy anniversary! :)


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