My mind was already set to blog about the last installment of our Tagaytay vacation. But something happened tonight that left me laughing for hours. I am actually chuckling while writing!

So my husband and I came from work earlier than the usual. For some odd reason, travel time from The Fort to Manila was a breeze! Anyway, after changing our clothes, Boyet and I started to eat dinner. My mother was in the living room watching her favorite telenovela. When she’s in the mood (which is most of the time), she joins us in the dining table and starts talking endlessly. She updates us about almost everything – family matters, political issues, showbiz gossips. And then I told her about my latest conversation with my cousin. I decide not to mention my cousin’s identity for her benefit and protection! Haha!

My mother’s mood suddenly changed and told me that she had a slight tampo with my cousin. My cousin texted her yesterday to greet her “Happy Anniversary”. During the course of their conversation, my cousin texted back something which “broke” my mom’s heart.

Mama: Alam ko naman nagbibiro lang siya. Pero mura pa rin ‘yun e.
Me: Bakit ano bang sinabi nya sa’yo?
Mama: LOL!
Me: Hahahahahahaha!!!!
Mama: Bakit?!

I was upstairs when my mom got the text message yesterday so I was unaware that there was such incident. When Boyet told me about what really happened, I started to laugh non-stop! Here comes the best part!

(Right after she got the text message yesterday)
Mama: Ano ‘yung LOL?
Abes: Mura ‘yun Ma!
Papa: Bakit, anong nangyari?
Boyet: Ah si ___ po, minura si Mama. LOL daw.
Papa: Ano ba ‘yung LOL?
Boyet: Laughing Out Loud po Pa.

Apparently, my mother didn’t hear Boyet’s explanation to my father. She had no idea that she was being ganged up by my husband and my brother! I explained to her that she’s sulking for no reason.

Me: Alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng LOL?
Mama: Oo. LOL nga!
Me: Ma, Laughing Out Loud ‘yun! Parang HAHAHAHA lang ‘yun sa text! Nagtatampurorot ka ng walang dahilan!
Mama: Hahahaha!

Imagine if my mother didn’t tell me about it and she starts giving cold treatment to my cousin just because she thought that LOL is a bad word. It’s just hilarious because LOL is so “ten years ago”, yet my mom was unaware of its existence in the yuppie’s vocabulary. A World War II Family Edition could have happened because of my brother and my husband!

Lord, thank you for making my mother open up. I don’t want my family to fall apart just because my brother and my husband are both bullies! :p

P.S. Cousin X, hindi naman talaga galit sa’yo si Mama. Next time, HAHA na lang ang itext mo, okay?

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