First and Thirtieth at Racks

As mentioned from my previous post, Boyet and I didn’t plan anything grand for our first anniversary. Since my parents were also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, we decided to have a simple dinner. I asked them if they wanted to eat at Italianni’s. We were settled until we passed by Racks. My dad remembered that it had been ages since we as a family ate at Racks. I didn’t tell them that I was at Racks Fort Strip four days ago! I was paying for dinner so I agreed when my father suggested a change in venue. Mas mura e! =))

Papa and Mama

If there’s one common thing among my husband, my father and my brother, it’s their love for soups. There are only two choices from the menu and all of them chose to have a bowl of Clam Chowder over Minestrone. The chowder has a generous amount of clams and bacon bits which definitely enhances its creamy flavor. This superb soup is paired with toasted garlic bread.

Clam Chowder PHP90

Although I already chose the food to get, my parents insisted that it wouldn’t be enough for five big eaters.

My dad suggested we get the Onion Bricks which arrived in no time. Our jaws dropped when we saw the big stack of onion rings. We immediately dug into this deep fried treat and dipped it in the tasty sauce.

Onion Bricks PHP180

My mom, in her attempt of a healthier lifestyle decided to add some greens to our dinner. She opted to have a serving of Classic Caesar Salad - a bowl of crispy Romaine lettuce drizzled with Caesar dressing and topped with bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. The salad was really refreshing, with the dressing having the right amount of acidity and the bacon bits enhancing the flavors even more.

Classic Caesar Salad (Family) PHP260

Racks Ribs & Chicken Platter PHP1,565

I decided to get us Racks Ribs & Chicken Platter. Already good for five to six people, the group meal already includes half rack of beef and pork ribs, half Hickory Smoked Chicken, two side dishes, rice and a pitcher of soda. Over the years, Racks has been famous for their ribs. The meat is very tender that you can just easily fork it out. The photo can probably not give justice to my description but everything on that plate is delicious. But to make the ribs more flavorful, make sure to have a splash of their original barbecue sauce.

Aside from the famous ribs, Racks is also well-known for their wide variety of tasty side dishes. For that night, we got Gravy Fries and Broccoli with Cheese.

Gravy Fries

Fries and ketchup are a good combination. But fries and gravy are my all-time favorite. So imagine when I finally got to taste the thickly-cut French fries which I dunked in the rich gravy. Heaven.

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. And as I always say, you can never go wrong with cheese. With this combination, I already knew that this side dish would be a big hit on the table. And I was right! The blanched broccoli drizzled with a generous amount of cheese sauce were gone in an instant.

Broccoli with Cheese

In the end, I was right all along because we took home some of our leftovers.  I really had a strong feeling that they just wanted to make the bill get higher! Haha!

Ground Level
Padre Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. That onion bricks and broccoli and cheese got me drooling! :D Happy anniversary to you and Boyet; and to your mom and dad! :)

  2. yum, these foods made me drool :-(

  3. wow, you really made me drool! everything looks so yummy! here for ftf.. hope you could drop by visit mine at

  4. looks yummy, those foods are healthy...visiting you on FTP, hope you could return visit me too, thanks spaghetti

  5. Haven't eaten in Racks in a while. I miss the ribs!

    <a href="”>The Twerp and I</a>

  6. One of the best ribs in town! Love your pictures. :)

  7. oh wow...i think you just spent your anniversary and your parents' anniv just perfect. The smiles on your parents' faces were so lovely.The food looks great.
    Luto Ni Nanay


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