Where To Stay In Singapore: Fragrance Hotel - Bugis

Joie and I got really busy prior to our SG trip. The fact that I was taking on a new job didn’t help either. I felt really bad that I wasn't able to help her look for a hotel for our vacation.

Staying in a hostel was not an option for us. It may be cheaper but the thought of sleeping with strangers is really creepy. Jeff’s talent of connecting real-life situations to the horror movies he has watched will definitely add to our discomfort and paranoia. Time is also very precious when you’re on a vacation so falling in line just to use the common restroom is a big hassle.

We were surprised that most of the hotels in SG cost an arm and a leg. We were supposed to book Fragrance Hotel in Geylang. Known as the red light district of Singapore, our two boys were dismayed when they found out that the hotel was already fully-booked. Fortunately, we were able to book Fragrance Hotel in Bugis for SGD98/night. When converted to peso, it’s almost close to the cost of hotels when we’re going on out-of-town trips.

Jeff and Joie did most of the research. And I must say that they did a very good job in it. Fragrance Hotel – Bugis is barely a 10-minute walk from the MRT station and is surrounded by restaurants. It is actually beside a 7-11 store. Suntec City and Raffles City are also within walking distance.

The receptionist told us that they are still cleaning the other room and asked if it’s fine with us if we could all stay in one room until they’re done cleaning. It took him a couple of minutes to tell us what he wanted to say so the other receptionist butted in, “Ma’am, sir, nililinis pa po kasi ‘yung isang kwarto kaya kung ok lang po dun muna kayo sa isang kwarto. Tatawagan na lang po namin kayo kapag ready na 'yung isang room.” Hahahaha!!!

I think the Filipino receptionist is the “face” of the hotel. His picture is shown in the hotel’s website and even in the slide show at the hotel’s reception area. Iba talaga ang Pinoy! :)

We told Jeff and Joie that they could have the first available room. The first thing Joie and I checked was the restroom. It is a bit cramped but way better than Acuatico’s bathroom. Our room has the same size but I think that ours is arranged better making it look more spacious. Joie was so envious when she saw that our room, especially our bathroom looks bigger than theirs.

There’s no divider so everything gets wet when we take a bath. Haha! Despite the size, the bathroom is clean. They provide basic toiletries and a set of clean towels. The hand wash smells so good! Taking a hot bath after a whole day of walking is absolutely a luxury.

The room has a TV but there are only 9 channels, one of which is just showing a frozen image of something. There are two sports channel and BBC. It doesn’t even have a movie channel! But who needs TV when you’re out as early as 8 in the morning? :p

The room is also equipped with a DVD player. But of course, we weren’t able to use it.

Fragrance Hotel, Singapore, Bugis, hotel
Because of the size restriction, the cabinet is also small but we were still able to hang some of our clothes.

The hotel also provides complimentary coffee and two cups of purified water. The room also has an electric kettle which we used to prepare coffee and cup noodles.

Fragrance Hotel, Singapore, Bugis, hotelDisclaimer: The bottled water in the picture was from 7-11.

The room is also well-lighted. Every corner of the room has lights. Whether you want to simply read a book, or play board games with your friends, the room has the perfect light setup for any activities.

The air-conditioner is working perfectly. You have the option to control it in one click. The bed is comfortable and big enough for two people. The sheets are also clean, no foul smell or whatsoever. The pillows are so soft which aided in giving us a sound sleep after a very tiring day.

Fragrance Hotel, Singapore, Bugis, hotel
Our room has a giant wall mirror which I personally loved. It gave me the chance to look at myself from head to toe before hitting the road. Nyaha! To add to that, hidden in the room’s drawer is a blow dryer! Ang vain ko lang! :p

I wasn’t expecting the hotel to be a comfortable place to stay in considering its price. With its affordability and perfect location, staying at Fragrance Hotel – Bugis was certainly a good decision.

Fragrance Hotel - Bugis
33 Middle Road, Singapore

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