Last Day Blues

Yesterday, I bid goodbye to my second home for the past six years. Everything happened so fast but I believe that the timing is perfect. If I left years ago when I was still rebellious and immature, I would have left the company with a vengeful heart. I would have not met the wonderful people who later on became my best friends. The beautiful friendships I built are far more important than the skills I acquired over the years. I'd like to think that God led me to this direction for a purpose, a purpose that I have yet to unravel.

People kept on asking me if I’m sad. Good thing they didn’t see me while I was composing my farewell email. :p Of course I am sad. I am actually happy that I am sad. For it means that I am letting go of something precious. Imagine if I’m not sad. It only means that my life for the past six years was just put to waste. :)

I am not only taking home great friendships. I’m also bringing with me beautiful gifts! ^_^

My Christmas wish list includes three books. I got Something Borrowed along with a cute book mark during our team’s Christmas party courtesy of my teammate Allan. Jeff and Joie gave me A Child Called ‘It’ last Christmas with some brownies which Joie baked herself.

And as my team’s farewell gift, they gave me The Wedding. Are you wondering why there are two copies? After my lunch treat, I went back to my seat. My seatmate handed me another copy of The Wedding. Thanks James and Youmi! Lalo kong ma-mi-miss si James! :'(

Anyway, let’s just consider this as an intel mix-up. But still, big thanks to all of you, guys! I can’t promise that I’ll read both, though. Hihi!

I asked my lunch buddies if we could have dinner on my last day. Kriska missed it since it was also his brother’s birthday. But Jeff, Joie, Gretz, Chod and Me-Anne came. Before the food was served, they handed me a picture frame. I knew they were going to give it to me but I was so surprised with the twist that I wasn’t anticipating! Haha!

The above picture was taken on one of our company’s year-end parties. The next day was Mike’s last day in Navitaire. So when Kriska and Tang left the company together more than two years ago, I made this photo collage for them. Marwin left, Chod and Me-Anne joined our group, and then Kriska came back. Sobrang dami kong tawa! Sayang wala si Renrick para may paglihian ako in the future! :p

I thought that was the end of it. But I realized that there was still something inside the plastic bag. I opened it and almost jumped out of my seat after seeing it!

A book lamp has been on my wish list for years! I don’t know whether I’m just lazy or too busy to buy it for myself. Now, I can finally read while my husband is sleeping! Woot woot! Thanks, guys!

Though my heart is filled with sadness, it’s also filled with hope. As I begin a new journey tomorrow, I am confident that strong friendships can never be torn down by distance. When I got home, Me-Anne sent me a message through FB saying that her only wish is that we don’t drift apart even if we don’t see each other every day. So cheers to future dinner dates and out-of-town trips together! And yes, I promise we’ll NEVER drift apart.

To all the strangers who became my buddies, all the seat mates who became my close friends, all the lunch mates who became my best friends, all the managers who became my life mentors, thank you for making my six-year journey in Navitaire as one of the best rides I’ve ever had. :)


  1. Hihihi... magkasunod pala tayo. It's my last day this Friday. 2 months short before my 5th year Anniversary with the company. Good luck to you, dear!


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