Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream

After Boyet and I tried Healthy Shabu-Shabu for the first time, I wanted my parents to have the same blissful experience so I convinced them to try it. I was really full after our heavy lunch but my husband kept on mumbling that he wanted something to cleanse his palate. He wanted to go to Starbucks then he suddenly changed his mind. I told him that we haven’t tried Yoshi’s Ice Cream and I persuaded him to give it a go.

I’ve passed by this charming ice cream shop a lot of times but I wasn’t keen at trying it. Their all-violet setup was charming though the pretty girl in kimono with a bell on her hand was more inviting. She told us their bestsellers and gave us a few suggestions. She even energetically answered all my questions, one of which is why it’s called teppanyaki ice cream. While explaining it to me, she put the ice cream in the griddle, crushed the graham crackers along with the Reese's peanut butter cup and mixed them all together. That is why! :)

IMAG0026 Sorry about the photo, I just used my mobile phone :)

We went back to our seat and waited for our sweet treat. After a few minutes, a cup of the teppanyaki ice cream arrived at our table. It was topped with half of the Reese’s cup, graham crackers and chocolate wafer sticks. A drizzle of chocolate syrup and colorful candy sprinkles made it more eye-catching.

I was like a kid again as I dig into the cup. What makes it more special is the extra detail that they put in it. Have you noticed the small pink flag? It says, “I’ve learned that being kind is more important than being right.” ^_^

Yoshi’s Teppanyaki Ice Cream may not be the best I’ve tasted. But I have to say that the twenty minutes I spent eating their ice cream is one of the most idyllic experiences I ever had.

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream
Level 3 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. loved the note on the flag. being right does mean IT IS ALWAYS RIGHT. how awesome:)

    and, the ice-cream sure looks indulging:)


  2. My favorite dessert in the world: ice cream! Gotta try that one :-)
    Happy FTF! here's my entry: http://www.jejeizahfaye.com/2011/11/mang-inasal-take-two-a-pleasant-experience-this-time.html

  3. yum...looks very delicious, like to eat ice cream during the Summer :-) Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too


  4. That's a must-try! I'm sure my son will love that, too. He likes ice cream so much! Here's my FTF entry: http://www.delightmyappetite.com/2011/11/food-trip-friday-floating-island-restaurant/


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