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This is not a movie review. I’ll leave that to the film critics. I just find this movie really interesting so I decided that it deserves some space in my blog. Don't take me (and this post) seriously. And if you have plans of continuing to read beyond this sentence, make sure that you've already watched or you don't have any plans of watching the movie.

There are times when Boyet would give me disclaimers saying that he wouldn’t watch a movie even if I drag him to hell. I was testing the water for days looking for hints whether he’d like to watch No Other Woman with me. I just said in passing that I find the movie interesting. When he started to notice the buzz it created in Twitter and Facebook, he got engrossed as well. But I have a very strong feeling that it’s because of Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes!

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I am not a fan of Anne Curtis. But her portrayal of the classy and seductive mistress is impeccable. She’s the mistress you’ll love to hate. Oh and her lips has a mind of its own! Derek Ramsay has proven very well that he is more than a chunk of muscles.

The biggest revelation for me was Cristine Reyes. I never really liked her as an actress but she has proven me wrong in this movie. Her transformation from the meek housewife to the vicious wife she has become was seamless. I never realized that she could affect me and my emotions. It was as if I was also feeling her pain and anger.

The supporting cast is just as remarkable as the three. Carmi Martin’s fierce yet funny lines gave my stomach an exercise. Kitkat playing Charmaine’s (Cristine Reyes) best friend made me laugh! "Meron ba ditong pa-party ni Barney na hindi ko alam?" Hahaha! Even the restaurant receptionist who got tensed the first time Kara (Anne) and Charmaine saw each other caught my attention.

Why I Watched the Movie:

I want to know why men cheat! I want to know what goes on in their minds. The first thing that made me curious was what made Ram cheat on Charmaine. I honestly thought that there is ALWAYS something lacking with a woman when a man cheats. Other than Charmaine not letting Ram eat with his bare hands, I didn’t see anything wrong with her being a wife. Ram cannot also blame his father-in-law for I believe that every person brings their baggage inside marriage. Compromise is the key. So did the movie answer my question? Not really. I still can’t comprehend why they yearn for such thrill. I asked my husband why Ram cheated. He said, because there was someone who was willing to be a mistress. Very typical answer. Palay na ang lumalapit sa manok...

Why Guys Should Watch:

Guys must understand that it is not COOL to cheat! Yes, even if you are Derek Ramsay! I always tell my husband that I can probably forgive anything except if I find out that he has a mistress. I told him that in case it happens, I’ll let them go. But I’ll make sure to make their lives miserable. :p

Guys should also learn the simple fact that cheating husbands ALWAYS get caught because of their freaking cell phones! Haha!

Why Girls Should Watch:

It stars Derek Ramsay! That’s the only reason I can think of.

Seriously, the movie tackles the pain brought by infidelity. It shows how it changes a person. If a man thinks he is an ideal husband, a harmless dinner with another woman can lead into something that can change him into a cheating husband. You wake up one day thinking that what you’re doing is purely for fun. Then you wake up the next day realizing that the consequences of your actions are beyond your control, and the things that really matter to you are already destroyed. A perfect and meek wife who can’t even kill a cockroach can turn into a ferocious beast when she finds out that the man she trusted betrayed her. For the better or for the worse, infidelity changes people.

My Favorite Scenes:

1. When Carmi Martin said something like, “Kapag papalit-palit ng kabit, ok lang basta sa’yo pa rin umuuwi….” I’ve heard this since time immemorial. It’s a cheating husband’s lamest justification. If you’re in a dishonest marriage and you believe in this excuse, then you’re making it sound like marriage is just a consolation prize.

2. When Charmaine wore the purple mabuhay-si-barney killer attire, it signifies that she is ready to rumble. It was the sign that she has already transformed from a Lucy Torres to a Gretchen Barretto. And when she said “Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang 2 actually.” Yeah! I’ll say the same.

3. Charmaine’s breakdown scene. It is true that no matter how tough you are, finding out that you’ve been cheated will weaken you, even if you think you were already prepared to hear the truth. And then you’ll start to question yourself – yes, even the way you cook! When she said, “Parang binaboy nyo na rin ako”… My same feeling, the one thing that cheating men can’t comprehend.

4. The cat fight in bikini. How dramatic can that be? Haha! But seriously, I felt that I was also slapping Kara. The movie made that scene so relatable as if every hair pulled from Kara’s head was a revenge for all the wives who’ve been cheated.

Although the film has been getting a lot of raves, I just didn't like a couple of things...

The ending. I know it talks about hope and forgiveness. The woman behind me said that it would be more realistic if Charmaine kills Kara and Ram dies because of karma. I know it is an exaggeration. But I think the ending is too idealistic. I don’t see myself smiling with my husband’s mistress a few years after their affair.

I also didn’t like the fact that Ram’s conflict with her father wasn’t resolved. I know it was implied. But if Charmaine was able to forgive Kara, then a five-second scene with Ram hugging his father would probably shut me up. Haha!


  1. Your idea on how the movie should've ended is way better. =)

  2. I saw the movie too!!!!! I forced The BF to watch with me. Haha!! I loved the fierce lines! And yes it's actually very insightful. I think it's a must-watch. :-)

  3. @Azza, yeah the ending was way too mushyyy! :p
    @Manila Girl, I know a lot of husbands and boyfriends who were forced to do the same :p


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