DIY: Our Wedding Invitation

I am a frustrated writer. And writing for a newspaper is a dream I’m not sure if I can ever fulfill. So when Boyet and I decided not to get a supplier to do our wedding invitations, I asked him if we could have a newspaper-like invites to go with our wedding theme. Since he was confident that I could pull it off and he knew that writing is something I enjoy doing, he agreed with my suggestion.

I did some online research and found out that it wasn’t a popular choice. I also didn’t know that doing our own wedding invitation requires pure hard work and a lot of patience. Fortunately, some people offered to help me (I think I forced them to help me) finish the job. My cousin lent me her printer. My best friends Aubrey and Erlie wrote articles. Kriska drew comic strips. My brother made the map. Joie created the layout for the dress code. And Boyet came up with the horoscope and classified ads. Thank God for surrounding me with talented people! ^_^

feng shuiOne of Kriska's creation - which was actually a real conversation between Boyet and I

do's and dont's_3_extraJoie's Do's and Dont's

I acted as the editor-in-chief! I wrote articles, created the crossword puzzle and staff box and did the layout to make it look like a newspaper. I got stressed out when I looked at the calendar, noticed that I only had a month left before the wedding and I still hadn’t printed out a single page of our invitation.

Our first struggle was looking for the perfect paper. We went to various bookstores, walked on the streets of Recto until we found the best choice in Divisoria. I spent countless nights writing, proofreading and finishing the layout. One night, I just snapped out of frustration and just ended up crying. I felt like I wasn’t going to finish it on time. When we started printing the invitations, we didn’t realize that the printer inks are pricey. It was as if we paid a supplier to do the invites for us.

Despite of all the heartaches, it was very liberating to hear the reactions of our friends and relatives the moment we handed them the invitation. They say it’s unique. Our friends say that the contents are funny, sarcastic and very entertaining. A lot of our friends also say that it was the first time for them to see a wedding invitation that really looks like a newspaper. They say it’s one of a kind!

267653_10150293695592053_740802052_9300515_7492779_nPhoto courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

I now realize that I hit two birds with one stone. I was successful in my attempt to create a unique and non-traditional wedding invitation. And I somehow fulfilled my dream to write for a newspaper! ^_^

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  1. This is so cool and unique! I'm getting married this year and as much as I want to copy the idea, I can't. Unlike you, I'm not surrounded with talented friends. :)


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