The Last Time I Made My Parents Cry

My parents made a bet. They were both confident that they wouldn’t cry on my wedding day. My mom said that she would not shed a single tear but she couldn't stop crying the moment I walked down the aisle. I was so bubbly and couldn't stop laughing during the entire ceremony except for the split second when I hugged my parents before "giving" me to Boyet.

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I thought that was it. But the tears continued during the reception.

Our emcee suggested that it would be a nice touch if we write messages for our parents and read them at the reception. Boyet's speech was impromptu. But I came prepared! Nyaha!

I wrote my speech two days before the wedding. It wasn't easy to pour out my emotions and compress it into a three-minute speech. I started drafting it with the intention of making it light and funny. I don't think I succeeded.

I remember how my trying-to-look-so-cool father tried to control his tears from falling. And my mother was crying non-stop. I watched snippets of our wedding videos and saw some of our friends and relatives were teary-eyed while I was reading my speech.

Reading it now, I can’t understand what made us cry. Maybe it’s not how I wrote the speech but how I delivered it to my loving parents.

When you prayed twenty-seven years ago, I bet you asked God that your first born would grow up to be healthy, beautiful, smart and kind-hearted. God did not give you a healthy baby, but He made sure that the rest of your requirements were met. But God’s package also includes that she’ll grow up to be moody, cranky, opinionated and sometimes egoistic. But with all my shortcomings, I worked so hard for both of you to be proud of me.

I didn’t get any failing grades in school. I didn’t get any piercing other than in my ears. I didn’t get a tattoo. I got married at twenty-seven. And I didn’t get pregnant before that happening. With all of that, I hope you can agree with me that I didn’t disappoint you as a daughter.

Thank you for respecting all the decisions I made while still guiding me each time I make one. Thank you for alternately being my number one fan and my number one critic. Thank you for teaching me everything you know. Thank you for doing everything for me and our family. Thank you for taking care of me and Abes.

When I was young I couldn’t understand why Mama had to scold me if I don’t do my home works. I couldn’t understand why Papa would still spank me after I stumbled and fell to the ground. I couldn’t understand why I needed to fall in line all by myself in the grocery cashier when you can in fact do it for me. I couldn’t understand why there were curfews and house rules. But now, I know better. You did these so I can turn out to be an independent and disciplined person. With that, I owe everything to you.

I know it’s already a cliché but I want you to know that you are not losing a daughter. As a matter of fact, you are gaining a son, though I know that you have long accepted that fact and have always treated Boyet like one. I know it wasn’t the easiest thing for you to do but thank you for loving the man I love.

Ma, I know there will be days when you will still ask me to scold Papa or ask him to go home by 7 on a Saturday night. Pa, I know that there will be times when you will ask me to do things that Abes is too busy to do for you. It may not be as often as before, but I promise to still be there for both of you. I know I am the sanity of the house, so please try your best to maintain order when I’m gone.

Thank you in advance for I know that there will be times when Boyet and I will need your help. Thank you in advance for the times that we might need to leave our kids with you.

Lastly, I don’t usually say this on a regular basis. But I love you. I always do.


  1. beautiful message ^_^

    favorite ko yung 5th paragraph.. when i, too, see my boyfriend getting along really well with everyone here at home, my heart just melts.. i'm sure when i get married ill be saying the exact same lines :-)

  2. Thanks Maudey. But of course they didn't "love" him right away. =))

  3. Wah!!! Naiyak ako Je ... Congrats pala! Long overdue na but best wishes still. :)


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