Dining at Dumaluan Beach Resort

We would have wanted to try every restaurant in Bohol. But other than our lunch in Loboc, we didn’t get the chance to eat outside the resort. Other than its secluded location, we were probably too tired to look for other options. Fortunately, their food did not disappoint us. It compensated their slow service. But it’s understandable since we were there on a long weekend.

Here are my favorites...

My manager said that I should not end my stay in Dumaluan without trying their fruit shakes. So the moment I laid my eyes on their menu, the first thing I looked for was their fruit shakes. On our first lunch, I wanted to try out their watermelon shake. But it was also Boyet’s first choice so I settled with their mango shake. Our verdict: the mango shake was better. I knew it! :p

DSC_0663Mango and Watermelon Shake PHP90

I was eyeing on their pasta dishes but Boyet blurted out his rule: Don’t get something which we can also eat in Manila. Being a submissive wife (whatever :p), I let him decide what to get on our first lunch. He chose Aligue at Sugpo - giant prawns sautéed in crab fat. It was my first time to taste such a sinful dish. Eating prawns is already enjoyable. Add crab fat and it becomes an indulgence.

DSC_0669Aligue at Sugpo PHP420

Another standout dish is their Bangus Ala Pobre. Onion rings, spring onions and lots of roasted garlic added more flavor to the soy marinated fish. It was just challenging to eat it in the dark because the bangus isn’t boneless.

DSC_0715Bangus Ala Pobre PHP210

If you plan to go to Dumaluan and you happen to crave for something healthy, then you have to try their pinakbet. But don’t be deceived because it comes with a large chunk of crispy bagnet! I ate the vegetables first and balanced it off by eating the fatty bagnet after.

Their restaurant is affordable, given the fact that you have the beautiful beach in your background. They also provide entertainment at night. On our first night, the female singer sounded like Sitti. The serene ambiance and romantic music were definitely a nice addition to our dining experience.


  1. aw, im starving for seafoods. ur hubby is right, do not eat those that can easily be ordered in the city.
    ( i missed the aligue pasta)


  2. When were you there? My mom and I stayed at DBR last week of August.

    I happened to order their Watermelon Shake, too.. quite expensive at 90 pesos, but it was good. For our stay in Bohol, we weren't really able to eat their restaurant because there was this DBR Grill located at the resort's "public area" that serves grilled food that were much cheaper than the ones served at the main DBR restaurant. :)

    Hopping here from Food Trip Friday.

  3. I will surely enjoy the Bangus ala Pobre because I love bangus and the pinakbet (minus the bagnet - that will go to my husband. LOL!). Happy FTF! Here's my entry: http://www.delightmyappetite.com/2011/09/food-trip-friday-greenwich-overloaded-barkada-feast/

  4. These are some good eating. I'd surely would love to have some mango shake though. Hmmm... I miss it!

    Adin B

  5. i would settle for melon shake. :) but mango is refreshing.. :)
    i wish I could visit Bohol too. must be a wonderful place to visit!
    mine is here.


  6. @Jenn, we were also there last week of August. :)

  7. Everything looks different to me and I wanna try them..I truly miss our food.

  8. wow, everything looks great...and i'll go for watermelon shake too! :) iyong sinabi ng hubby, narinig ko na din many times! hehehe! visiting from FTF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)


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