Salad Day

My mom has been trying hard to lose some weight for my wedding day. She works out at least three times a day and I asked her that we should have a fruits and vegetables diet at least once a week. So last night, she prepared a homemade vegetable salad. We usually use lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes but last night was different because I only saw lettuce and pineapple chunks. I rummaged through our refrigerator and found a piece of apple. I sliced it thinly and placed it along with the pineapple chunks over a bed of lettuce. I drizzled it with some Thousand Island dressing and topped it with grated cheese and toasted leftover bread.

Gone are the days when I can eat two to three cups of rice without the fear of gaining weight. I have been trying to lessen my rice intake at night not only to let go of the unwanted fats. It also makes me sleep better and does not give me the bloated feeling when I wake up. :)

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