Restaurant Review: Casa Reyes

We scheduled a Monday day off last week so we could apply for our marriage license. A pre-requisite was for marrying couples to attend their hour-long family planning seminar. We were asked to watch a film showing actual footages of a mother giving birth. It wasn’t really new to me since I remember watching the same during our biology class in high school. What made us almost vomit was seeing an actual abortion.

After the seminar, we went to SM Manila to grab lunch. We tried Casa Reyes for the first time. The restaurant’s interior gave me the impression that it’s affiliated with my favorite Reyes Barbecue. Pardon the poor photos because my hands were still shaking as the pictures of an unborn child crying for help kept on playing in my mind. I also forgot to grab our receipt so I wasn't able to take note of the prices.

IMG_3245 Sotanghon Soup

To calm our nerves, Boyet got a bowl of Sotanghon soup. I really liked the authentic taste of their sotanghon giving me the lutong bahay feel of this dish. Boyet was endlessly talking to someone from work so he just saw an empty bowl when he came back.

We were planning to just share with the sisig because the serving looks really big in the picture. It was also the same day that I was scheduled for my gown-fitting so I didn’t want to eat too much for lunch. It was a good thing though that we didn’t share because their serving is not enough even for a ramp model (like me :p) on a diet. It was so tiny! Taste was also so-so. It’s definitely not something I'm eager to try again.

IMG_3249 Sisig

I tried their boneless chicken barbecue. I was once again deceived because of its serving size. There was nothing special with the barbecue but the peanut sauce made it extraordinary. I am still not sure with my initial guess about the restaurant’s affiliation with Reyes Barbecue. But the taste of the peanut sauce was more likely a confirmation that my guess was right.

IMG_3257Boneless Chicken Barbecue

Casa Reyes
Level 2
SM Manila


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