Restaurant Review: Omakase Comes to Ayala Triangle Gardens

I have heard so many raves about Omakase. Unfortunately, I only know of two cities – Makati and Manila. We don’t have a car and our sense of direction is not that exemplary so Boyet and I make the most out or comfort zones. We could have not tried Omakase if not for the opening of its branch in the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

After trying out Chef Laudico’s Bfast the previous week, our next stop was Omakase. Given that Boyet is not really a fan of Japanese cuisine and that he cannot stand eating anything that has something raw in it, it was a surprise to me that he chose Omakase even if I haven’t told him that I have long been wanting to try it.

Looking from outside, I was expecting us to be on the waiting list. But I was surprised when the lady receptionist escorted us to our seats.

IMG_3113Fried Rice PHP60

Two cups of fried rice were first served to us followed by the Ebi Tempura. The fried rice wasn’t oily. Spring onions, bell peppers and carrots were concealed for picky and non-vegetable eaters like Boyet. The fried rice has just the right flavors so as not to overpower the taste of the other dishes.

I only have one complain with the tempura. I wanted more of it! Nyaha! We were getting enough prawns at every bite unlike other restaurants serving customers with tempura comprising of 70% batter.

IMG_3107Ebi Tempura (3 pcs) PHP175

For those who can’t decide whether to get chicken or beef, then this dish will suit you. Flavorful chicken and beef cubes are served with bean sprouts on the side. Everything on the plate is already good. But putting some sauce on it will definitely make your taste buds jump out of excitement. The chicken is really good although my vote goes to the beef which has a distinct smoky flavor.

IMG_3118 Beef and Chicken Teppan PHP285

I didn’t let our visit in Omakase pass without trying their maki. There was a lot to choose from but I settled with the Mt. Fuji Roll. It wasn’t the tuna nor the unagi that made me decide to go for it. It was the cream cheese on top that convinced me. My picture does not look appetizing at all but you just have to take my word that it’s really good. :)

IMG_3125Mt. Fuji Roll PHP270

Omakase Japanese Cuisine
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Ayala Ave., Makati

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