Restaurant Review: Chef Laudico’s BFAST

Christmas in Ayala has never been brighter with all the lights and lanterns along the Ayala Avenue, and both the Symphony of Parols and opening of various restaurants at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. I got really curious upon hearing the news that Amici, Omakase, Momo and Kanin Club would just be a stone’s throw away from our office.

Boyet and I checked out the place two Fridays ago and could not believe the number of people piling up to grab dinner. After looking at all our options, we decided to go to Chef Laudico’s BFAST.

The first thing I noticed was the restaurant’s minimalist interior. I looked at another table and noticed that the plates were plastic which made me scratch my head with disappointment. But upon reading the writings on the wall, I realized that the place is eco-friendly for they use recycled materials for their utensils and furnishings. I’ll give them plus points for that! :)

Nothing beats Filipino breakfast. Our “silogs” have evolved throughout the years. I only grew up knowing tapsilog but we now have longsilog, hotsilog, tosilog and even pakaplog. Filipino breakfast is so versatile making it possible to be enjoyed all day long. If you want to have breakfast at any time of the day, then BFAST is probably the place to be.

I got the BFAST Kalogs. Unfortunately, the Christmas ham was just so-so. I wasn’t sure what came with it but I am thinking it’s kamote (KAmote + itLOGS = KALOGS?). I am not sure either if it is their version of the American hash brown. I enjoyed the first few bites but my jaw started to hurt from chewing after a while. And oh, I am not recommending this dish if you are not heading home right away. Kamote is really deadly. @_@

IMG_3085 BFAST Kalogs (Christmas Ham) PHP178

Boyet had the better choice. He got Tapangus which I initially thought was Tapang Bangus. Nyaha!

After he let me try it, I realized that the tapa is Angus beef, thus the reason for the name. I loved the rich flavor of the beef although there were some strips that were rubbery. The vinegar wasn’t impressive too. But since I liked the taste of the tapa, all these things became trivial to me. And before Boyet knew it, my plate was inching towards his side of the table until I finally got hold of his plate. :)

IMG_3089BFAST Silogs (Tapangus) PHP178

IMG_3093Too bad I wasn't up for desserts :(

Chef Laudico’s BFAST
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave., Makati


  1. I am not sure MrsM. But I passed by one time on my way to the office around 9am and it's already open. :)

  2. Delicious!

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