Dear Noy

Lifting the Aug. 23 holiday for continuity of government services is a stupid reason. I don’t think Noynoy has ever visited a government office. Growing up in a family of politicians, I don’t think he needed to fall in line to get an ID or file for a loan. Because if he ever did, he would know that MOST government officials serve the people as if it’s a “holiday” every day.

Don’t blame the law for people who tend to forget the correct dates of the holidays. It’s not the law, it’s the education system – you know, the thing that you should be focusing on more. Some Filipinos do not know when our Independence Day is even before the law has been passed.

Not being able to pass a single law as a legislator means that you are not a hard worker. So please stop making the lives of those who work hard miserable. People like us who WORK, need a break. Productivity cannot be measured by how long or how many days in a year a person works. An employee can work 365 days a year and just play Farmville every single day using the office resources.

Noy, mind the more important things rather than lifting holidays, a law that proved to be beneficial, except of course for the business sectors. Oh yeah, I forgot. They backed you up during your campaign. So what happened to “Kayo ang boss ko?”

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