I used to plan and organize most of our trips and vacations back in the Philippines but the table has been turned here. I just go wherever they go. :)

My friend Henry was kind enough to give me a list of the places that we shouldn’t miss in Minnesota but our first stop on my first weekend was not on his list - Albertville. I didn’t know what it was but I was informed that it is a perfect place to get the best brands without making our wallets die in vain. I spent the long drive at the back seat sleeping soundly so imagine my amazement when I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the huge space filled with shops.

DSC_0310The downside of being the photographer - you're always out of the picture :)

We arrived a little past lunchtime and we decided to separate into two groups. Boys will never understand how girls shop. I actually thought that I am a slow shopper but Zel actually beat me on this.

Girls usually survey all the shops first and go back later on to get what they want. But it’s not a wise idea to do this strategy in Albertville. It’s so big that one needs to ride a bus to get from one point to another.

A whole day may not be enough if you want to come into each store. Albertville is divided into 7 sections (A-G). We already skipped a lot of stores but Zel and I were still not able to reach the finish line maybe because we kept on converting everything we see into Philippine Peso.

The bags they sell at Albertville are very talented. They can talk! I can hear them calling my name! Hahaha! :)

But if you think that we spent the longest time looking for bags and shoes, you’re definitely mistaken. We’re definitely coming back for this.

We entered the store and a nice lady asked us if we want to try out their chocolates. I even took pictures so I’ll remember them when I come back.

I just wrapped up my first week so I promised myself not to splurge in too much shopping because I need to budget. But if you come into a place (paradise) like this, it’s an impossibility to go home empty-handed. Most of us got nice deals at Fossil. I also got a few sunglasses for my small collection.

My legs were sore after hours of walking so we definitely need to prepare for the Labor Day Sale. Hehe! :)

Albertville Premium Outlets
6415 Labeaux Ave NE
Albertville, MN


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