Breakfast at Aristocrat

Boyet and I spent my last day in Manila scouting for possible venues for our wedding reception. I didn’t know it would be that exhausting and I wasn’t expecting to be hungry just before lunch time. It was too early for lunch so we decided to try out the breakfast treats at Aristocrat. I have been to Aristocrat countless of times but I never had the chance to eat there for breakfast.

To jumpstart our morning, Boyet and I both got a cup of cappuccino. The mixture of espresso and milk brought a balance blend of sweetness and bitterness. Cappuccino is one of my favorite among the different kinds of coffee because the taste is just about right for my taste buds and I really appreciate the barista’s exerted efforts in making artsy shapes and figures in the milk foam. The output was not as extravagant as those from other high-end coffee shops but this one was just simple yet stylish.

IMG_2830 Cappuccino PHP69

I had a weird feeling at that time. My tummy tells my brain that I’m hungry but I also feel like throwing up because I was really anxious about my trip. We were also scheduled for food tasting so I didn’t want to eat a heavy meal. I wasn’t in my best form that day so my adventurous side started to diminish and I ended up eating just omelet.

IMG_2837Spanish Omelet PHP155

I tried their Spanish omelet which has chopped ham and vegetables as fillings. My first bite of the omelet gave me the feeling that I was like eating menudo because of all the bell peppers and red sauce that came out of the omelet. It comes with two slices of toasted bread and butter on the side. One of the waiting staff approached our table and gave me a delicious mango jam which he said fits perfectly for the toasted bread.

On the other hand, Boyet tried Aristocrat’s version of corned beef. Theirs is very much different from the canned corned beef that I know of. It is chunkier, tastier and does not taste like a tin can. Hehe!

IMG_2835Corned Beef PHP149

Going back to the restaurant that I grew up with was a nice way to spend my last few days in Manila. I’ll probably go back there three months from now. :)

Aristocrat Restaurant
432 San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd.,
Malate, Manila


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