Meatylicious Lunch at Gumbo

Boyet and I were strolling on our way to The Old Spaghetti House when a cheerful girl with a loud and colorful headdress approached and invited us to try Gumbo. She then handed us a coupon which would entitle us for free pork chops if we get another entrée with the same or higher price. I have always loved and enjoyed dining in at Gumbo even if the food is a little pricey. So we make sure to take advantage of treats like this. I remember that we got their Fish and Chips for free on our first visit.

They serve everybody with their complimentary bread which is perfect if dipped in olive oil with garlic. Waiting for food to be served has never been entertaining and enjoyable if done while munching the crispy bread and watching the festive mood of the waiting staff and hearing the loud cheers of the chefs.

IMG_2504Complimentary Bread

Boyet ordered the soup of the day. Unfortunately, I already forgot what it was but I remember that it has artichokes. I honestly thought that the soup wasn’t hot enough but I still liked its taste. There was a spicy hint which matched the strong flavors of the chives.

IMG_2501Soup of the Day Php145

We got the baby back ribs to avail of the free pork chops. The ribs had the right thickness with a fair amount of meat in between. Each meat strand is perfectly-coated with a generous amount of the barbecue sauce.

Customers can have two side dishes. I opted for the mashed potatoes and French fries. I wasn’t really craving for potatoes that day. Hehe! I think that the French fries were just seasoned with salt and pepper giving the fries a balanced salty and spicy flavor. I also liked that their mashed potatoes were not completely pulverized. The small chunks of potatoes gave it more texture. I enjoyed everything in the plate that I got my fingers all messy from munching the ribs and fries.

IMG_2518Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs (Petite) Php495

I was so surprised that the grilled pork chops were still tender and juicy. My experience is that the thicker the pork the blander and dryer it becomes. It came with Boyet’s choice of mashed potato and rice. It was a clever idea to have the rice because its plainness highlighted the taste of the pork chops.

IMG_2512Grilled Pork Chops (Petite) Php325

Getting a refreshing drink is the best way to go with a hearty meal. Boyet got iced tea while I chose lemonade.

The next time you’re in the mood to eat at Gumbo, pay attention to that lady handing out coupons. :p

Level 3 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. I think I have been to Gumbo only once and that was way back when they were just starting lol


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