And Aubrey was her name

I was watching SNN a few nights ago when a question popped into my mind. I have been quite irritated lately with some of Kris Aquino’s remarks. So how can her best friend Boy Abunda tolerate her high-pitched voice, her lack of tact and just anything that other people hate her for? And then I remembered that I have a best friend who also has the same traits and much more.

She laughs as if she owns the world.
She eats like a construction worker.
She talks and gnashes her teeth in sleep.
She dresses as if she has her own runway (Oh God, that red pants that got her into trouble!)
She says anything that cracks out of her head.
She makes decisions that are completely out of my principled standards.
She does things that makes me ask myself, “Why are we friends again?”

But she never left when everybody chose to turn their backs on me. She lifted me when I was down in the dumps. She fought with me during those times that I was fighting for my happiness. She may not always be there to celebrate with my triumphs but she was always there when I needed a helping hand. She bailed out on some of our trips but she made sure to make up when she can.

Happy birthday Aubrey!

So now I know why Boy Abunda still loves Kris Aquino even if others despise her. It’s also why I love my friend even if some people won’t even give it a shot to befriend her.


  1. hapi berdey Aubrey, have a good one... pero nakakatuwa naman talaga siya Je nung nakalunch natin =)

  2. haha oo nakakatuwa naman siya. pero minsan hindi. pag tulog lalo, 2 silang friends ko nung college. ung isa humihilik, si aubrey nagsasalita pag tulog! >:)

  3. tnx tol! :-) ahihihi..salamat sa paninira sken sa blog mo huh..and to think ang dme mo ng readers.. isa kng tunay na kaibigan.. kya mahal na mahal kita eh.. nyahaha..
    and thanks for comapring me with Kris Aquino. iba ka tlga!!!

  4. haha konti lang readers ko no! :p

    OMG, that makes me Boy Abunda! >:)


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