Restaurant Review: The Red Crab's Seafood Club

It was a busy day last Tuesday for Boyet and I as it was our last working day before the Holy Week break. He wanted to pick up some stuff for our outing the following day so we headed to Landmark after work. It was almost 8 in the evening when he finished buying some toiletries. It was a battle again on where to eat: a battle between Boyet and my other self, the one who always says “It’s up to you”.

We walked along the second level of Greenbelt 2, went up to the third level and then went back to level two. We finally settled at Red Crab’s Seafood Club. I think it was probably my third time at Red Crab and I have to say that they really serve the yummiest Crab Szechuan. But we had to stay away from them because both Boyet and I were too drained to eat crabs.

Boyet a.k.a. THE SOUP GUY insisted we get the Shrimp and Crabmeat Misua which later came in a big triangular bowl. I could really taste the flavors of the seafood but I didn’t like that it had my most hated vegetable. I wasn’t sure if it was upo or patola but I didn’t care because I hate them both. I also think that it was too pricey since the shrimps and crabmeat were almost concealed by the vegetables. It was the most expensive misua soup I’ve ever tasted.

Shrimp and Crabmeat Misua Php285

I was so tempted to order Chicharon Bulaklak for appetizer but my willpower prevented me from doing so. So I got their Bacolod Buffalo Wings. The menu says that it’s Inasal-style chicken wings. The chicken wings were perfectly cooked as obviously seen in their golden brown color. When it comes to the taste, I have to say that it’s just average. I could taste too much ginger and less of the Inasal flavors that I’ve always loved.

Bacolod Buffalo Wings Php285

We initially asked for Crispy Dinuguan because I was really curious if it would equal my satisfaction with Kanin Club’s own version. But the waiter went back to tell us that it wasn’t available so we had to replace it with Sarsuela Negra. I am not really sure if I got its name right. Boyet thought that the rice was a little salty but it was fine with me. The texture of the fish and squid fillets was just right. But the shrimp was a little overcooked making it really hard for us to take it out from its shell. The presentation can also be improved because it seemed to me that the chef who prepared it was in a hurry to finish his shift for the day. Hehe!

Sarsuela Negra (?) Php400+

Seafood Club By Red Crab
Level 2 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City

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  1. @I think the shrimp served was not fresh aas you have a hard time taking the meat out of its shell.
    I haven't tried Red Crab so its just my opinion hehe

    How was your holyweek?


  2. huwatttt??!! I thought it was just overcooked which made the meat stick through the shell. Huhu :(

    Anyway, I had a nice holy week. I hope you enjoyed the break. :)

  3. Yummy foods...i missed eating there.btw, I lost your comment on the titans..dunno what happened...our PLDT internet connection just suddenly broke down last night so when I checked again it was already gone...


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