Restaurant Review: Oliver’s Super Sandwiches

This place never fails to bring smile on my face. I reminisce the days when Boyet and I started going out each time I pass by Oliver’s. I remember trying to be all prim and dainty although he already knew that I wasn’t that kind of a girl. Those were the days when he probably didn’t know how big my appetite was.

Coming back at Oliver’s was special for both of us that we didn't stop talking about how we were five years ago. We made sure to get Boyet’s favorite pasta dish: carbonara. We were both discussing how tasty it was when we first tried it as the creamy sauce was overflowing. So our disappointment was unimaginable when we were served with a dry and bland carbonara. The lousy presentation didn’t help at all. I was given the idea that the person who prepared it just threw everything on our plate and headed home. I saw how dissatisfied Boyet was while eating it.

Classic Carbonara Php188

They ran out of baked potatoes which I was craving for. The guy at the salad counter suggested other options making me settle with the potato and egg salad. It reminded me so much of my mom’s egg sandwich. The rich flavors of the egg and mayonnaise were accentuated by the bacon bits. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and not mushy at all. It was a nice rebound after the carbonara booboo.

IMG_2216Potato and Egg Salad Php78

My indecisive palate had a hard time choosing from Oliver’s wide array of healthy sandwiches. I was so intrigued with the turkey sandwich but it wasn’t available. Argh! I finally resolved with the Chicken Ceasar Sandwich.

IMG_2220Chicken Caesar Php178

I used to hate wheat bread because of its weird taste but I got used to it ever since my mom started buying it. The grilled sandwich has a thick chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes covered with the tasty Caesar dressing. The melted cheese enhanced the flavors of the sandwich.

Who said that healthy foods can’t be delicious? And is there any better way to eat a healthy sandwich than gulping a refreshing lemonade?

IMG_2214Lemonade Php38

Oliver's Super Sandwiches
Level 2 Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Makati City


  1. DH and I usually take out food from Oliver's whenever we watched a movie in Power Plant Mall. We usually order sandwiches and I usually just ate half and take home the rest lol

  2. I also ate half of the sandwich during our last visit. :p


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