Restaurant Review: Chef d’ Angelo

I had a gruesome three-hour jogging (walking) spree last Black Saturday with Boyet, my friend Erlie and her sister. We then split just in time for mall opening. Boyet and I decided to continue walking until we reached Robinson’s Place Manila.

I am still pretty amazed at how we have practically the same wavelength. He suggested we have lunch at Chef d’ Angelo before I could even propose it. Aside from the now defunct Carl’s Jr., Chef d’ Angelo was our group’s favorite hangout place when we were in college. These two were actually what we could afford at that time. Hehe!

Boyet was indecisive on what soup to get. He finally settled with Bacon Potato Cheese Chowder. Can anything with bacon and cheese go wrong? The rich and smooth texture of the soup is a perfect contrast with the chunks of potatoes. It was so good that I found myself in defensive position preventing Boyet to come near the soup.

I only had my camera phone at hand so I apologize for the poor photos.

Bacon Potato Cheese Chowder Php55

I remember getting the same pasta dish at Chef d’ Angelo over and over again. Those were the days when I wasn’t still adventurous with food. Anyway, my usual order was their Oven-Baked Ziti. It was one of the best baked ziti I’ve ever tasted with the combination of Alfredo and Marinara sauce and generous toppings of cheese. So it sort of felt like a homecoming for me when I decided to get their baked ziti.

But it was a nightmare! The pasta was soggy. It looked like the ziti was just reheated as everything was mushy. It was horrible. I ended up eating just only the garlic bread on the side. I was so tempted to return the baked ziti but they might just reheat what was already reheated. Or they might give me a new one but that would be too impractical because we were trying to catch a movie. So I just decided that I am never coming back to Chef d' Angelo.

Oven-Baked Ziti Php160

I envied Boyet because he seemed to have enjoyed his Salisbury steak. He tried to cheer me up by offering me with a few bites but I just could not get over my baked ziti disaster!
Salisbury Steak Php110

Chef d’ Angelo
Ground Level, Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. I never liked this restaurant. I went there once and did not come back.

  2. I used to love their ziti. Too bad :(

  3. Sbarro is way better than Chef d' Angelo.


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