Restaurant Review: Amici

I don’t usually go to SM Megamall because it’s too far from our house. But I had to take a chance at the NBI clearance kiosk because I read somewhere that they operate during weekends. Boyet and I also wanted to check out an event happening at SM Megamall last Saturday.

Apparently, the NBI clearance kiosk is closed on weekends. So our next stop was Amici for lunch. I have read so many raving reviews about the place. It was also personally recommended by my officemates Jeff and Joie. I even pestered Jeff through SMS asking what he would recommend. He told me that if we plan on getting pizza then it would not be a good idea to get two sets of pasta because they have big servings.

We were initially planning to get lasagna and carbonara apart from the pizza. But because of Jeff’s advice, I had to give up my lasagna craving and got Boyet’s favorite - carbonara. I should really be getting an award or something for being a giving GF.

Jeff was definitely right. Their carbonara is good for 2-3 persons. Other restaurants serve carbonara that is either too dry or too overflowing. The consistency of the creamy white sauce was just right, perfectly coating every single pasta strand. There was a generous topping of bacon and mushroom with sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. The playful flavors of the simple ingredients brought delight to my taste buds.

IMG_2288Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Php185

I was planning to have their Quattro Formaggi pizza but Jeff advised us not to. I didn’t know why but I gladly obliged. We opted to have the Tutta Carne pizza. I so loved the bursting melted cheese on top of the pizza. I brought home a few slices and my brother had the same feedback. Being a lover of spicy foods, I put some chili flakes on my pizza which I usually do.

I only have two complains. First, the crust wasn’t crispy. And second, the pizza is supposed to cater the meat lovers. I was expecting big chunks of sausage, ham and pepperoni but they were almost invisible.

IMG_2285Tutta Carne Php290

Amici is a self-service restaurant so be prepared to fall in line in placing your orders and getting ice and water. But food is great and affordable! ^_^

Level 3 Atrium SM Megamall
Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City


  1. Boyet and I also wanted to check out an event happening at SM Megamall last Saturday. --- bridal fair?? yey! kelan yan ha?

  2. nabusog na ko kaya di ko natry ung gelato :(

    dami-daming event sa Megamall. May wedding expo, go negosyo at photography. Pili ka na lang dyan kung anong pinuntahan namin haha!

  3. the pizza doesn't look appetizing at all, huh? I don't like pasta so hindi ko masyado gusto ang Amici. their desserts are nice though.xoxo

  4. @*MrsMartinez*, the pizza was quite of a downer. But I really loved the cheese. Everybody is telling me that I should have tried their gelato. I will next time :)

  5. i love amici's pasta and their gelato. one of my favorite places to eat with my officemates :)

  6. @jellybelly, everybody is telling me that I should have tried the gelato. I will next time :)

  7. i like thier pizza and pasta too. panini wasn't too good though.

    thumbs up for pistahcio gelato as well :D


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