Tagaytay Zipline and Cable Car

After celebrating my birthday with my family, I decided to celebrate it with my friends via an out-of-town trip. I would have wanted to go to Subic Tree Top or have an overnight stay at a beach but schedule did not permit both. So we opted to just have lunch and roam around Tagaytay last Saturday.

We planned to leave Manila by 7 a.m. but someone overslept making us almost an hour late. I have always wanted to try out the zipline at the Picnic Grove. I remember Boyet and I were there when it was inaugurated. We were thinking of trying it out but I chickened out. Since then, it has become one of my to-dos.

We arrived at the Picnic Grove a little after 9 a.m. After paying the parking and entrance fees, we proceeded to one of the zipline/cable cars station. Boyet and I went first followed by Erlie with Aubrey and Jeff with Joie coming at last. I was so surprised that I wasn’t nervous at all. I remember trembling while I was being put on harness but that was because it was so cold. I was so excited rather than petrified. Am I finally overcoming my fear of heights? I didn't bring my point-and-shoot camera so I wasn't able to take pictures of ourselves during the ride. :(

During the middle of the ride, I was looking for the cameraman because we paid for our picture to be taken. I didn’t realize that we were already approaching the end of the line. I thought we would crash so my initial impulse was to cover my face. And there the cameraman was, unable to take our photo. We had to be kept hanging for a while just so he could take a “fake” picture of us.

After all of us finished the zipline, we waited for our turn on the cable car ride.

Hey! That's my face powder!

The cable ride gave us a lot of time to view the Taal Lake on a different (and higher) perspective.

It also gave us more time to goof around.

After the ride, we had nothing else to do but to take pictures!


With Erlie, Aubrey and Joie

The two reasons I survived college life...

With Erlie, Aubrey and Jeff


What the??!!

The experience was enjoyable but I only have three comments. First, Erlie and I agreed that the place is not being maintained well. The place is being flocked by natives and tourists and has been a favorite field trip destination by schools. Where has all the revenue gone? I remember being awed the first time I stepped my foot there when I was in sixth grade. I tried horseback riding last year and all I could remember was the foul odor. I know it’s inevitable for horses to stink but you have to see (and smell) it to understand where I’m coming from. And oh, don’t make me start with their comfort rooms.

Second was safety. All of us were wondering why helmets are not being worn during the zipline ride.

Lastly is the way we were treated by those at the zipline stations. They kept on pointing on their “tip box” the minute we stepped there. And the same thing happened when we arrived at the other station. I am not tightfisted when it comes to giving tips but I think these people are forgetting that it is not mandatory for customers to shell out tips. They should at least have done it with a little discretion.


Weekday Rates
1 Way Ride - Php100 per person
2 Way Ride - Php200 per person

Weekend / Holiday Rates
1 Way Ride - Php200 per person
2 Way Ride - Php300 per person

Photo Souvenir - Php100


  1. How was the weather in tagaytay these days? mainit na ba o malamig pa din? xoxo

  2. Medyo malamig na pero mainit yung araw pag tanghali hehe!

  3. Yes Jane, I did it at last! Haha! :)


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