Manila Bay

After indulging ourselves with lots of food during the holiday season, my family decided to take away the guilt of overeating and tried to at least shed some of the accumulated fats during the Christmas break. We decided to go jogging Saturday of last week along Roxas Blvd. Our usual start-off point is at the U.S embassy side. I was so used to seeing the water of Manila Bay striking the sea wall so I was so surprised when I noticed that the tide was low. Before I was able to give the bay a glimpse, I already noticed the horrible smell. Here’s why.

It made me wonder whether the tide was just really low or the water was just too scared to go near the shore because of the piles of garbage. The worst part is a lot of people especially children still swim here. It’s just ironic that behind the high-rising establishments along this part of the metro lie the sad truth that we have neglected the Manila Bay.

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