Restaurant Review: The Java Man

I have been passing by The Java Man every time I go to The Enterprise Center in Ayala. But it was my first time to try it out last Friday along with my office mates. It took us a while to decide what to order but I was the first one to give mine to the waiter.

The food started to arrive one by one and the smell of the food was really appetizing. But I was so disappointed because my food came last. We had to follow-up thrice before the waiter served it after saying “Thank you for waiting.”

Carbonara with Herbed Fried Chicken (?) Php205

I was expecting for the wait to be worth it. But I was so dismayed with how I allowed them to rob me of Php205. The chicken was bland and floating in oil. The carbonara was as disappointing as the chicken.

I would have given anything at that moment just to get out my seat. I just used my camera phone to take the photo. I usually apologize for taking bad pictures, tell the readers instead to disregard the photos and convince them that the food is delicious. But I think I don’t need to excuse my picture this time. Argh!

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