Cold Feet

I used to have only two pairs of shoes when I was still studying: black shoes and rubber shoes for my P.E. class. So when I go out, I don't have a lot of choices in my hands. This went on until my first few years in the corporate world. But wearing closed black shoes for almost two decades made my feet shout “BORING!” I was scared that they would abandon me and find a new body. So when I went out of my shell and realized that I need to reinvent myself, I started wearing sandals.

I don’t have a shoe fetish. Though this has been an ongoing debate between me and my dad, I refused to give in to his accusation. He always tells me that I am the centipede of the house for having the most number of footwear in the family. But believe me, I only have a few sneakers, flip-flops and the basic black shoes.

Because of this, when Boyet ran out of gift ideas last Christmas, I told him to just give me my second pair of gladiator sandals.

I haven’t worn them yet because our office gets colder each day so I stopped using sandals. I only have one pair of flat shoes so I recently purchased another one. I don’t feel guilty at all because I got it on SALE from Mario D’boro.

LeDonne and Mario D'boro have branches nationwide. I got both from Robinson's Place Ermita.

Shhh! My dad doesn't know that I have them! ^_^


  1. Nice flats! Especially the black one. I like! =)

  2. awwww... nice shoes, I miss shopping for sandals. I used to be color coordinated(matching outit, shoes and watch).. ow well, marriage does change ones priorities

    enjoy it while it lasts


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