Restaurant Review: Cafe Mary Grace

After watching Sherlock Holmes last Saturday, I asked Boyet if I could get a cup of coffee because I was so sleepy from watching Friends the night before. We were about to head to Starbucks when I changed my mind and settled for Café Mary Grace. I have been passing the Robinson’s Place branch of Café Mary Grace for quite some time. Identified for their delicious pastries and ensaymada, it’s surprising that I haven’t tried both.

I find the place charming despite the fact that it is small. As soon as we were seated, the waiter promptly greeted us and served us two glasses of cold water. Two things caught my attention. Their tables are stuffed with notes from customers addressed to Mary Grace. Most of which praised her ensaymada. And second was their cute embroidered coasters. Hehe!

Boyet said that he was still full from our lunch at Friday’s so he opted to just have some iced tea. Mary Grace has a variety of iced tea to choose from, most of which sounds a little scary. I bet that was running on Boyet’s mind making him pick the more familiar Apple and Cinnamon Honey Tea. It came first so I tried it way before he could object.

This is a must-try! The combination of the sweetness of honey and the cinnamon’s zest were noticeable. I would have really wanted to sip it until its last drop.

Apple Cinnamon Honey Tea Php75
I am not a big coffee drinker but I needed the caffeine very badly. I only know of one coffee, and that is the instant one. So when I scanned the menu for coffee, I felt like reading a book written in a foreign language. I too went for the obvious: cappuccino. I think I put too much sugar, four teaspoons to be exact. But I enjoyed the bittersweet taste of their cappuccino.

Regular Cappuccino Php84
Mary Grace’s appetizers are served with fresh slices of toasted bread. We got their grilled kesong puti which was really enjoyable. Crunchy toasted bread on the side and a small bowl of kesong puti mixed with oil and lots of garlic. I didn’t mind how my breath would stink after the meal because I really love the taste of anything with garlic.

Grilled Kesong Puti Php123

Cafe Mary Grace
Level 2
Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. I love the cassava chips, vigan longganisa sandwich and most of all, their lemon scampi pasta!!!
    i need to come back for more!!!


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