Restaurant Review: Las Paellas Café

We went to Robinson’s Galleria last Saturday after I threw away an opportunity that I was long waiting for. I chickened out on what may have been a good chance for me. Feeling down, I couldn’t count how many sighs I’ve made in an hour. I wasn’t in the mood to go on a food trip so we just went to the first restaurant in sight. We ended up at the Las Paellas Café.

We went through the menu a couple of times but still couldn’t decide what to get. Thank God for making Boyet so patient as he kept on cheering me up each time my face falls to the ground.

They do not give the breakdown of your orders in their issued receipts so I forgot what this soup is called. Anyway, I liked how the soup warmed my empty stomach and my roaring head.

They have three varieties of Paella: Valenciana, Marinera and Negra. We opted to have the Paella Valenciana, saffron rice with a generous amount of pork and chicken chunks, chorizo, string beans, green peas and different kinds of seafood. The dish looked festive. I am not really a big fan of paella but I liked this one. It wasn’t oily and I favored the sticky consistency of the rice.

Just be ready for quite a long waiting time. The waiting staff asked us if we were willing to wait for 20-30 minutes which was fine with us. It could probably feed up to 4 people so we ended up bringing home almost half of it.

Paella Valenciana Php450

We ordered for one viand not realizing that the Paella Valenciana would have been enough for us. Seafood Platter is made up of shrimps, calamares and fish fillet. It comes with two kinds of dips. The calamares was gummy and the breading for both the fish fillet and shrimp was a little deceiving. I squeezed the lime as I usually do for fried seafood but I was surprised that nothing came out of it. Haha!

Seafood Platter Php295

Las Paellas Cafe
Level 2 Robinson's Galleria
EDSA Cor. Ortigas,
Quezon City

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