Restaurant Review: Secret Recipe

Boyet wanted to have coffee and convinced me to go to Starbucks but we were running out of time because we were supposed to meet my family. Secret Recipe was the nearest in sight at that very moment.

I was with my “badminton buddies” the first time I’ve tried Secret Recipe. I can vividly remember how I kept on splashing my tongue with water after eating Grilled Black Pepper Chicken. I told myself that maybe this place’s forte is desserts. I remembered telling myself to stay away from other dishes and just stick to their cakes. I think I just forgot remembering what I told myself to remember. ^_^

I am not a coffee drinker so I am not an authority in saying whether it was good or bad. Boyet seemed to like it so let’s just trust his judgment. But he kept on insisting that we should have just gone to Starbucks instead.

Flat White Php80

I just have two words for their Fish and Chips: oily and fishy. I don’t know if they forgot to drain the excess oil or if the man in the kitchen was just in a hurry to finish his shift. The oil was literally dripping all over.

Boyet and I agreed that they used the wrong kind of fish for this dish. It’s too fishy to be partnered with fries. Arggghhh!

Fish and Chips Php280

Thank God for desserts. They have a wide range of desserts ranging from cheesecakes to pies and brownies. I had a hard time choosing. I already tried their blueberry and marble cheesecakes so I settled for Oreo cheesecake. Bits of Oreo cookies are embedded on a thick layer of cream cheese.

Oreo Cheesecake Php140

It was a good thing that Boyet is not fond of sweets. I had the luxury to finish the entire slice.

Secret Recipe
Level 4 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Hahaha! Dko nga maintindihan yung mga ulam dyan. puro paminta!

  2. Try their Irish lamb stew cost around PhP500. it's my favorite! xoxo


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