Restaurant Review: Mongkok

A seamless journey from Makati to Robinson’s Galleria was a pleasure for us after a very tiring morning at the cemetery. It was our first time at RG so we had no idea where to eat. It was already past noon so we just headed to the only Chinese restaurant in sight: Mongkok.

We were greeted by an accommodating waiting staff who was so helpful when we were going through the menu. My dad even teased him to give us free soup while waiting for the food. Fortunately, he obliged. We all agreed that the complimentary soup was so tasty that you wouldn’t even have the slightest idea that it is being served free of charge.

Mongkok's soup
Complimentary Soup

My dad couldn’t decide what kind of rice to get so he chose two types instead. I still prefer the fried rice of Tang City and Mr. Choi Kitchen but I have appreciated that Mongkok’s is not too oily.

Mongkok's Fookien Fried RiceFookien Fried Rice Php140 (Small) / Php210 (Large)

Fookien Fried Rice is already topped with a variety of seafood and vegetables. You can eat it stand-alone and don’t even need a viand to go with it.

Mongkok's Yang Chow Fried RiceYang Chow Fried Rice Php130 (Small) / Php200 (Large)

Their Yang Chow Fried Rice was a little bare. It was a good thing though that the waiter suggested their Shanghai Guisado when my dad asked for his suggestion. The noodle dish was a little salty which is perfect for the Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Mongkok's Shanghai GuisadoShanghai Guisado Php200

I didn’t enjoy Mogkok’s Salt and Pepper Squid. It was tender and juicy but there was something wrong with the taste. My brother and I suspected that it might be marinated in beer causing the strong and distinct flavor.

Mongkok's Salt and Pepper SquidSalt and Pepper Squid Php210

There was nothing special with their Shrimp Broccoli except that there was a generous serving of shrimps and the broccolis were perfectly shocked giving them a nice crunch.

Mongkok's Shrimp BroccoliShrimp Brocolli Php220

My mom and dad would usually take charge of the main dish while my brother and I would have all the liberty in the world in choosing dimsums. True enough, both orders were gone in an instant.

Mongkok's Lobster RollLobster Roll Php75

I am not sure if this is the Seeweed and Crabstick Roll. Anyway, it reminds me of Wai Ying’s Japanese siomai.

Siomai Php75(?)

Level 4 Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City


  1. tell those comments to my dad..he sure won't mind it at all! haha! he soooo loves eating at mongkok! ;p

    gusto ko lang yung mga dimsum nila eh :P

  2. haha! masarap naman pero mas gusto ko pa rin ibang chinese restos. pero ok na rin relative to their price. natuwa na rin ako sa dimsum hehe :)


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