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I love popcorn. When I was a kid, I would ask my dad to buy those being sold on the streets. My dad would always buy me the pink-colored sweet popcorn while he gets the white-colored salty one. But I always end up eating the salty one. Hehe!

A movie date is not complete without popcorn. Boyet usually buys a bucket even if I tell him that I don’t want popcorn. But in the middle of the movie, both our eyes are on the screen while my hands are embedded in the popcorn bucket.

I have been seeing Chef Tony’s Popcorn in Robinson’s Place but I just thought that it was too pricey. But after trying out Amazing Cones at Robinson’s Galleria, I finally gave in and paid Chef Tony’s a visit.

They have a huge selection of flavors so I had a hard time choosing. My brother asked one of the staff to give him something salty so we got the Cheddar flavored-popcorn. I wanted something sweet so I followed their suggestion to try out Walnut. It was nice because they have free taste which aided us in choosing. Hihi! ^_^

My mom both gave us the look when she saw two plastic containers of popcorn. She was more surprised when she found out how much it cost. But she totally forgot when she started eating. We went home and the first thing she did was to eat again.

I love the fact that their popcorn is fully popped because I hate it when I get to eat the whole seeds. You’ll get a nice combination of sweetness and saltiness in Cheddar. And I never realized that nuts come well with popcorn. I was surprised to see that there are real walnuts as I was only expecting it to be walnut-flavored. Silly me!

Cheddar (small) Php110
Walnut (large) Php195


  1. I love Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn and guess what dear they are giving me a tub for free after they read my blog post, Yay!


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