Who Says Tagalog Songs Are Just for Filipinos?

I saw the first video on Facebook and my jaw dropped on the floor when I heard this foreigner guy singing Parokya ni Edgar’s Buloy. It took forever to buff in FB so I searched it on youtube instead. I was so surprised to see that there are actually a lot like him.

Take for instance Isiak Holiday Jr. He might be familiar for some of you because I saw some videos of his TV appearances, specifically in ABS-CBN’s Wowowee. Here is his very soulful rendition of Sana Maulit Muli.

Next is from a guy named Chris who has a number of videos which he fondly calls as JOePM. He sings Eraserheads, Sugarfree, Rivermaya and a lot more. He seems to be reading the lyrics in most of his videos though. Anyway, here’s his version of Bamboo’s Noypi. Can you imagine a non-Filipino singing this? It’s just so surreal.

But this guy named Dodie is my favorite! He simply rocks! I have a feeling that he does not only speak the language, he also understands it. You can see it in his actions while singing. Notice how he points on his eyes while singing “Masdan mo lumuluha ang aking mga mata…” Hehe! ^_^

Dodie calls himself a Kanoy – Kanong may Pusong Pinoy. I have seen one video wherein he was singing an Ilocano song. My paternal grandmother is an Ilocano but I don’t even know a single Ilocano word. There was also one video where he was singing Maging Sino Ka Man and he mentioned that he likes Rey Valera. Anyway, this is his very funny version of Blakdyak’s Modelong Charing.

It really amazes me to hear foreigners who are trying to learn Tagalog. When I was young, I wondered why Filipinos have to speak English when they come to America but we still speak English when Americans come here. I later on realized that English is one of the most-spoken languages in the world, and that we need to adapt. But I just feel that they also need to adjust especially if they have already been here for a while. Errr, I hate actors who have been in show business for years but they still can’t say a complete sentence in Tagalog. I have seen a chef who have been in the Philippines for 25 years but still can’t speak a single Tagalog word. But do you know what I hate most? Filipinos who just had a vacation in USA for two weeks and return home pretending not to understand a single freaking word. :p

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