Restaurant Review: Mexicali

I was convincing Boyet to give Mexicali a second chance because I have long been craving for Mexican foods. He wasn’t pleased with our first visit because he loathes anything spicy. He was so reluctant to go back to Mexicali while I kept on insisting we have it for snacks. My taco experience from Pancake House was so good that I craved for more. I won the battle only to surrender in the end that we are never coming back to Mexicali.

Booboo #1: We were aware that the Mexicali’s setup requires self-service. We were going through the menu when Boyet waved, prompting a waiting staff to come to us. Our purpose for doing so was just to ask something about the menu. But before Boyet could even say a word, the waiter hastily said “Sir, self-service po dito.” Boyet then told him that we just want to ask something. We both didn’t mind it thinking that it was just purely a misunderstanding. I went to the counter to order and pay.

I was already decided that I would be trying out their burritos but I was uncertain whether to have the BBQ Chicken or Grilled Steak. Grilled Steak won.

Booboo #2: We had to spit out almost half of the grilled meat! Chewing rubber might be far better than eating the burritos' meat. It was too bad because I liked the first time I tried their burritos. I just settled for the side tortilla chips and salsa making the taste of the side dish surpass that of the burritos’.

Grilled Steak Burritos (Regular) Php145

It was a wise decision though that I ordered for Cheese Flautas. Mozzarella cheese and jalapeño wrapped on deep-fried tortilla. I ate all three pieces since Boyet surrendered on his first bite. Wheew! He’s so weak-hearted for chili.

Jalapeño and Cheese Flautas Php95

Boyet opted to try out Sopa de Lima which is chicken soup with lime. Unfortunately, the colorful presentation of the soup did not suffice the taste in any way. Boyet teasingly told me that the chef probably put anything with color from the kitchen without even thinking. Hehe! Booboo #3: We had to follow-up for the soup but it arrived after we were almost finished eating.

Sopa de Lima (Bowl) Php65

Booboo #4: They are so UNFAIR! A group came after us asking questions here and there from another of their waiting staff. And guess what? She started getting orders from this particular group! Boyet had to stand up twice to call the waiter’s attention to give us toothpick. He had to go to the counter to give our glasses for water refill. The preferential treatment was the one that turned us off the most.

Great food becomes garbage if it comes with bad customer service! Believe me!

Robinsons Place Manila
Level 2 (near Taste Buds), M. Adriatico St.,
Ermita, Manila


  1. i agree! (on the last statement tat is!) ;) that's why am giving up Starbucks see? nyahahah @_@

  2. Yeah too bad. :( But they deserve it, don't they? I'm not paying to be treated that way.

  3. I think I should commend you for the excellent photos tol! Imrpoving! Kaka-gutom!


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