Book Review: Thanks For the Memories by Cecelia Ahern

I was hunting for a new book at Powerbooks when I saw something from Cecelia Ahern. I haven’t read any of her works but her name rings a bell as she is the author of P.S. I Love You. I have seen the movie and sort of liked it. And my friend Aubrey told me that the book is way better (as always) than the movie. I impulsively bought Thanks For the Memories without even reading the synopsis. The cover was just nice enough to catch my attention.

The story revolves around two people from two different worlds. Justin Hitchcock is a professor and an art lover while Joyce Conway is a real estate agent. Joyce’s marriage is falling apart and a miscarriage of a baby that she has always wished for made things more difficult for her. The twists and turns started when Justin reluctantly donated blood as he was persuaded by a beautiful doctor named Sarah, with the hopes of having a date with her.

Meanwhile, Joyce starts to see images in pieces including unfamiliar faces of people and places she has never been, acquired a great knowledge in arts and started speaking in tongues. Because of these sudden changes, Joyce started making some drastic decisions that are very unlikely of her, to the point of dragging her 75-year-old father with her.

One day, a basket of muffins arrive at Justin’s doorsteps with a THANK YOU note. Amazed by this, he does not know that this is only the beginning of a series of good deeds from a complete stranger.

I find it strange reading a book like this. It was as if I’m reading a modern day fairytale because the plot seems so unlikely to happen in real life. The story is also predictable. Justin and Joyce never met until probably on the last few chapters. Their meeting is worse than a wild goose chase. But Ahern’s style in writing made the chase so hilarious. She managed to inject a lot of funny stuff from beginning until the end of the book. How do you feel about a forty-something guy and a thirty-something woman acting like love-stricken puppies? It may look and sound absurd but Ahern made sure that the readers can relate to the characters no matter how old they are.

I found myself laughing my heart out while reading. I love her dad! Half of the times I laughed is because of her forgetful and juvenile dad. It somehow reminds me of my father and my relationship with him. My dad is as funny and as childish as Joyce’s dad. But his love is what made Joyce stronger after a great loss in her life.

I also connected with Joyce’s friends. I can compare their friendship with what I have with my two college friends. They can be annoying at times but they will always be there even ready to wipe the blood on the floor in case I killed someone. Hehe! They can say the silliest things in the world but they also offer the soundest advice. And they will definitely go out of their ways just to make a friend’s happiness within her reach.

This may not be the best literary work of all time but it is a great read. Girls will probably love it. After finishing Thanks For the Memories, I rushed back to Powerbooks to purchase two of Ahern’s books.

P.S. Aubrey, I am not letting you borrow this book. Buy one! It’s a great buy after all. Hahaha!

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