A Breeze of Good Deeds #11: Ondoytivitis

This is probably the hardest Monday for all of us. I woke up early realizing that our house stinks, the smell reminding me of how Ondoy attacked the only home that I know of. I turned on the television and caught the morning news stating that there are still a lot of people trapped in their houses, some of which have not eaten for more than 24 hours. It struck me. There I was lying in my bed, whining on our house’s horrible smell. But I recalled my family eating pizzas delivered on our doorsteps last night, while there a lot of people struggling for their lives.

The roads were quiet, no heavy traffic which is so unusual for a Monday morning. I arrived a little early at work but I had this very strong feeling that I couldn’t explain. I shared my thoughts with some friends and I realized that I wasn’t the only person feeling that way. Let me call it Ondoytivitis. It’s a strange sensation coming from the deepest spot in one’s heart, a feeling of wanting to help.

I told someone that my body is working but my heart tells me that I should be somewhere else saving lives. It may be an exaggeration but a friend told me that she feels the same way too. But I don’t know how to save people, the only swimming I know is that on a 5-foot pool. So I asked some office mates who might also be infected with Ondoytivitis.

Fast forward...

After almost two hours of non-stop walking and deliberating on what to buy, we were able to purchase 3 boxes of bottled water, a box of canned goods, ready-to-drink juices, lots and lots of cupcakes and biscuits, utensils, a few bars of soap, alcohol and some medicines. Just a few hours earlier, I was a little worried that we may not be able to buy anything from the money at hand.

We then brought it to Papemelroti Glorietta 3 branch as it is one of the relief centers for Ondoy victims.

So big big thanks to the following people!

1. Joie and Cherrie for being in charge of the cash collection. Very good girls!
2. Marwin and Gener for being the porter cum bagger. I know you are both very tired. Sorry for putting you both through something like this. You will put a sigh of relief to a lot of distressed people.
3. My dad! He won a bet and gave me some money.
4. Landmark’s Bagger #008 for walking with us from Landmark to Glorietta.
5. The Landmark supervisor for allowing Bagger #008 to come with us even if they are not allowed to go outside the mall premises.
6. The guard in Glorietta 3 for keeping an eye on our goods while we were transferring them.
7. To Papemelroti. I love your products and I am going to love you more because of this. Special thanks to the lady who assisted us; I think her name is Maricel.

As Marwin and I were walking back to Ayala, we started complaining! Haha! But what motivated us from the beginning until the end is the fact that we can go home and have dinner. Others cannot.

Please visit the following links to send out your donations.

1. www.kapusofoundation.com
2. www.sagipkapamilya.com
3. www.redcross.org.ph
4. www.kerygmafamily.com
5. www.gmanews.tv

There are a lot of other organizations in which you can channel your donations. You may also lend a hand by being a volunteer. I hope everybody will be infected with Ondoytivitis.

I am not sure if leg cramps is also a symptom. Mine hurts! Hihihi! :)

Happy giving! :D

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