UP: More than just an animated film

I have seen the trailer of UP last May and I promised myself to watch it. I was anticipating it and I got a little frustrated that it took a while for it to be shown in the Philippines. I was able to catch it on SM Manila yesterday.

The film was well-crafted and I loved the look and feel of the animation. Maybe it is an added factor that I watched it in 3D. :)

Seeing a flying house and talking dogs, I was expecting it to be a clear-cut, funny animated film. But I was wrong. Would you believe that I cried during the first 20 minutes or so of the film? The movie does not only address the younger audience. If you were to ask me, I’d say that the film would knock out the emotions of the adult viewers. It’s so amazing how a funny movie can speak of loss, loneliness and tragedies.

Carl (Mr. Fredricksen) has always wanted to be an adventurer. He later on shared this dream with Ellie. But because of some twists of fate, they could not find a way to make their dream of getting to South America come true.

But Carl did not give up. As he made his house go on a journey and fulfill his promise to Ellie, he brought with him an unexpected passenger. And this is when the fun part of the movie begins. And oh, didn’t I mention that the free-spirited Russell is so adorable?

I could not believe how this movie made me cry a couple of times. Maybe because of its eccentricity compared with other animated films. The film tells the kids not to be afraid to dream. And it tells grown-ups like me that we may stumble again and again but it is never too late to realize our dreams. It also tells us that other people may define adventure as travelling the whole world or doing extreme escapades. But for some people, it may just be as simple as spending it with the person they truly love.

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