Restaurant Review: Pizza Hut Bistro

I had to work overtime yesterday. Boyet “surprised” me (he’s not really the best person when it comes to surprises) and asked me to have dinner. I was practically starving since it was already past 8 in the evening. I was so drained from work and we didn’t have enough time to go to Greenbelt for dinner so we settled for Pizza Hut Bistro instead.

We frequent the Insular branch almost every Friday lunch outs so I was already familiar with their menu. The wait staff persuaded us to try their Nacho Salad, nacho chips topped with meat sauce, corn kernels, shredded cheese, lettuce and nacho cheese sauce. I couldn’t stop eating it and I loved how the crispy nacho chips absorb the sweetness of the corn and the tomato salsa made it so refreshing.

Pizza Hut Bistro Nacho SaladNacho Salad

I convinced Boyet to try out their Mac and Cheese since I enjoyed the first time I tried it. I was a little disappointed because the one served to us was a bit dry.

Pizza Hut Bistro Mac and CheeseMac and Cheese

Boyet and I were both craving for their Cheesy Pops so we opted to have one. Boyet carefully chose the pizza not to have any pineapple because I hate pineapples in pizzas. It took almost 25 minutes for the pizza to be served. The waiter politely told us that he mistakenly punched Sausage Pops instead of Cheesy Pops. We were disappointed but we had no other choice so we told him that it was fine. I could forgive them for serving me Sausage Pops instead of Cheesy Pops but serving me something like this is inexcusable!

I was stunned to see pineapples in my pizza!

He was so apologetic in saying that he made a mistake (again). It was a good thing that I already know the staff and he was so polite to admit his mistakes. I also would not want him to shoulder the bill had I refused to take the pizza. Good for him that I was so tired to even put up for an argument. If he did it to me a few hours earlier when I still had the energy, I would have caused a dispute about it.

Pizza Hut Bistro
Mezzanine Level, Insular Life Bldg.,
Ayala cor Paseo de Roxas Ave.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

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  1. yup i hate pineapples in pizza. i eat pineapples but i don't like them in my ulam, much more in pizza hehe! weird no? :p


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