Cold Rock Ice Creamery: Something to Cool my Head

I had dinner last night at Recipes in Greenbelt 3 with the past, soon-to-be-past, present and future of PRA. I was so disappointed at how unaccommodating this restaurant was to us. I already had second thoughts when Marwin chose this because I already tried the one in Robinson’s Place and there is absolutely nothing special about their food. But since reservations were already made, I decided to give this place a second chance. We informed the waiter at start that we are expecting more than 12 people to come. We requested the longest table but the waiter insisted that we could all fit in the table that they already set-up. When everybody arrived, we requested to be transferred to the other table but the waiter declined saying that there are a lot of customers in line. I cracked up with the waiter’s attitude towards us. Joie, Jeff and I had to stand up and go outside so others can seat. While four of my friends had to eat to another restaurant! It was so disappointing because the very reason we had this dinner was to catch up with each other. Hmp! I am never going back to that place ever again!

While waiting for the rest to finish dinner, Joie, Jeff and I strolled along GB3. I asked Joie if she wanted to have ice cream. She was just about to ask us the same. Great minds think alike! We already had a place in mind so we headed to the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3 to check out Cold Rock Ice Creamery. They offer customers to choose their ice cream and toppings so there are probably a hundred of unique ways to have your ice cream here. I chose tiramisu and strawberry ice cream topped with Violet Crumble.

I wasn’t able to taste the tiramisu ice cream because the strawberry overpowered it. It wasn’t really bad since I love strawberry ice cream. The Violet Crumble toppings made all the difference. The woman who assisted us was so friendly, answered all our questions and even gave suggestions on what to get.

It’s a little too pricey for ice cream though. Two scoops of ice cream for Php118 and additional of Php25 for every topping of your choice. It was fine with me though since I needed to cool my head last night.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
3rd Level, Greenbelt 3

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