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Standing a little less than five feet, my mom often wonders why I have no interest in buying high-heeled shoes. Well, I have a number of pretty good reasons.

1. When I was a freshman in college, I threw away my Hush Puppies shoes because it conspired with all the bad luck in the world to humiliate me. One moment I was on the sixth floor of the Gusaling Lacson in PLM, and then I woke on the fifth floor two seconds after. All my poise and dignity vanished. Nobody helped me so I threw away my then so-called-friends along with my Hush Puppies shoes.

2. I am petite. It's an asset. It was never a liability. There are chairs when I need to get something on top a shelf. I may be small but I am resourceful. And it makes me cute. Period. So why do I need high heels?

3. I choose comfort over vanity. I’d rather look lousy than bear the pain of wearing stilettos.

4. I love my feet. I don’t want to put too much pressure on them for the sake of beauty. These feet will take to places so I need to take care of them.

Since our office allows sandals at work, I wasn’t forced to wear shoes. Out of the office, I am usually on my Chucks or flip-flops. So I was a little bewildered at why I bought these.

I only have a pair of flat shoes. I bought them for our Christmas party, wore them for only an hour and haven’t used them again since then.

My mom has been nagging me to stop buying any footwear until I get myself a shoe rack (or those transparent shoe boxes) to have all my shoes and sandals organized. Wish me luck!

Black Flat Shoes from Wade Php899

I stand tall, so who needs high heels?

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  1. cute naman! :)

    but i'm not so into flats haha! i have bad posture kasi kaya lagi nakaheels..sabi kasi ng mom ko nakakaenhance ng posture haha! :p


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