Butterfly Bookmark from Powerbooks

I have always been fascinated with butterflies. My drawing skills are limited but I can vividly remember how I loved sketching butterflies and the way I mix and match the colors for their wings. My fascination may have rooted from the fact that they have to undergo an amazing biological process before they turn into beautiful creatures. Deep inside, I can somehow relate to their metamorphosis. The problem is that, I have long been a pupa. Growth spurt never came. And beauty has forgotten to include me in its hit list preventing the imago in me to come out.

I got this very cute butterfly bookmark from Powerbooks. It reminds me of the intricate stained glass windows found in some churches.

Butterfly Bookmark from Powerbooks Php195

It somehow gives me hope that one day, my life will become as colorful as the butterfly’s wings. And that someday, I’ll be confident enough to spread my wings and enjoy my freedom.

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