Restaurant Review: The Aristocrat

Just before watching Harry Potter 6, Boyet and I had lunch at Aristocrat. He has been craving for Filipino foods, specifically kare-kare. Before we even left for our date, he told me that he already had a place to eat in mind.

Growing up, I only know of 3 places to eat. My mom would always treat us to Jollibee if she wasn’t in the mood to cook. Long before there were the modern malls, my dad would always bring us to Isetann Quiapo which would lead to lunch at Ami’s. And last but not the least, Aristocrat has played a big part of my growing up years. I love their Barbecue Chicken so much. I spent almost all special occasions in Aristocrat: recognition days, birthdays and graduations. I remember how we would rush to Roxas Blvd just to grab my favorite yema balls.

I wasn’t in the mood for soup so I let Boyet finish this.

Sotanghon Php53

It was my first time to try their kare-kare. Sad to say, I didn’t like it because of its overpowering sweetness. I am so used to my mom’s kare-kare. She knows that we dislike sweet kare-kare so she makes sure not to use peanut butter. I was also disappointed with the bagoong that goes with it. I was expecting it to be salty but it was also sweet. Huhu! :(

Kare-Kare Php315

The Shanghai rice was fine but it didn’t drive me crazy. I have high standards with shanghai rice because my dad does it so well.

Shanghai Rice Php172

Good thing that the Sizzling Gambas saved the day. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and I so loved the sweet and spicy sauce.

Sizzling Gambas Php281

The Aristocrat
Level 4 Robinson's Place Ermita

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