Where To Eat In Binondo: Wai Ying

The tiresome strolling along Ongpin finally paid off. Last Saturday, Boyet and I started walking from Binondo Church and explored each alley in search of wonderful gastronomic treats. The first few streets gave us nothing. We were about to give up but I told Boyet to have one last try along the same street where President Tea House is located. Fortunately, I saw Wai Ying. I was a little dumbfounded when I realized how small it was until I saw the sign saying that it is just for take-outs only. We had to ask the lady inside where the main restaurant is. The main restaurant is a little narrow so I initially thought that they were already out of seats. The waitress directed us to the more spacious second floor dining area.

Since Wai Ying was recommended by Joie (Thanks Joie!) , I sent her a text message asking for her suggestions on what to order. She suggested Japanese siomai, which was already my choice even before I got her reply. And she made sure not to try the dish with “Chiu” in its name. (Chiu-nget siguro kaya di masarap?)

Boyet was craving for something hot so he tried their Dumpling Noodles. I think he enjoyed it a lot especially the dumplings.

Dumpling Noodles Php90

Duck was unavailable so I tried their Roasted Goose Asado Fried Rice (not sure if I got the name right). The waiter assured us that their rice dishes are for single serving only so I was confident that I could finish it off since Boyet was having noodles. I loved the tenderness of the goose and the sweet kick of the asado sauce. There was nothing extraordinary with the fried rice though. I thought it would be gone into my stomach in minutes but I didn’t get to finish it. Why? I got dizzy halfway through the meal.

Roasted Goose Asado Fried Rice Php180

I stopped eating the goose and put forth my energy with the Japanese siomai. This one is so unique because it was my first time to see a dumpling that comes with a soup-like sauce. Their Japanese siomai is probably one of the most delicious dumplings I have ever tasted.

Japanese siomai Php60

Black Gulaman was also good. It was so good that I really wanted to have another glass.

Black Gulaman Php50

I think Wai Ying’s specialty is their dumplings. Their prices are affordable and service is fast. I just noticed that most of their staff members are not accommodating. They seldom smile and acknowledge the customers. It also gave me the impression that the waiter got irritated when I asked him something about the menu. I just believe that in this kind of business, the way you treat your customers should exceed beyond how well your food tastes. :)

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