A Breeze of Good Deeds # 7: Aetas of Sitio Maporak

I have a lot of fears: fear of public speaking, fear of death, fear of cats, fear of heights. The list goes on. But growing up, I fear one thing the most. And that is the fear of not being able to finish schooling. Though my parents give us anything we need, I remember there was a time after my high school graduation that my parents’ business had some difficulties. I was so anxious that I may not be able to finish college. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I chose PLM though I got admitted in UP, UST and DLSU. I didn’t want to burden my parents with the thought of where to get my tuition fee. I know that parents’ fear of not being able to provide for their children is far more than a child’s fear of not being able to achieve his or her dreams. That’s why I hate those who refuse to go to school while their parents work so hard to give them the only weapon that would aid them in the future.

Good thing that there are people who help kids in achieving their dreams, dreams that seem to be impossible to attain because of different circumstances. When my officemate/friend gave me this email, I pledged to help as much as I could.

Dear all,

Magandang umaga!

For nine years now my husband and some of his friends (Ateneo alumni) has been helping an Aeta community in Zambales, Sitio Maporak. Annualy, they also try to respond to the literacy problem of the community by providing school supplies and materials of some 200 enrolled Aeta kids, aside from advocating the issues of the Aetas as a sector.

Once again we are asking that you help us out either by donating and/or forwarding this letter to someone who might also be willing to help.

We plan to deliver the school supplies by next Sunday (June 7). If you are interested to join us in our trip please tell me ASAP so we can arrange for the transportation and the schedule. Tentatively we plan to leave around 5am. It’s a 5-hour trip so we expect to reach Maporak before lunch (i.e. if we are to leave on time). Transpo option is still the shuttle service of Ateneoville (L300 truck – capacity of 20 pax). Same as last year, everyone would have to share for the transportation expense (i.e. gas, vehicle rental, driver’s fee, toll fee, totaling to P8, 000.00) hence, the more volunteer, the lesser the expense.

Again, we would appreciate your help.

Hoping for your positive response… Salamat.

Ria Talamayan-Aguilar


It’s every kid’s nightmare not to know what the future holds for them. Let’s spare these kids the terror of not having something to hold on to for the future.

Every person has the right for education. And the color of our skin should not dictate whether or not we deserve this right.

Photo taken from http://www.campusaccess.com

For those who want to help, just leave me comment or get in touch with my officemate before June 7, 2009:
Gener DeLeon: +63928-430-9462

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